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RNtoMSN was created by a group of talented individuals, including a Registered Nurse, who believe in the power of education to change lives. Our dedicated staff is continually updating the nursing information and educational listings on this site in an effort to provide you with direct access to Master’s in Nursing degree programs. Our primary goal is to connect you with the schools that can help you realize your personal and professional goals.

Our resources are compiled from the most up to date nursing education databases, and then reviewed by our own Nurse Editor for relevance and accuracy. This attention to detail, combined with our dedication to transforming the Future of Nursing through education, makes [RNtoMSN] unique.

We want to help you learn about the costs, requirements, and availability of nursing programs in your area. We also can help you navigate state nursing licensure requirements, scope of practice laws and practice settings for the nursing specialty that interests you.


Our mission at RNtoMSN.com is to provide you with the information you need to expand your nursing knowledge by earning your Master’s degree in nursing. We believe that nursing is a vital component of our nation’s healthcare system and that well educated nurses are the key to improved health and wellness across all settings in healthcare.


We aim to be recognized as the premiere authority on Master’s degree programs for nurses. We will continue to update and improve our resources to meet your needs as the world of nursing education evolves and as the nursing profession expands.


We are dedicated to providing you with accurate, up to date and useful information about your educational options as a nurse. We believe that nurses are capable of improving the landscape of healthcare and we intend to empower you by connecting you with the educational resources you need to succeed.