Online RN to MSN

As more and more nurses return to school to earn a Master’s degree, nursing schools must try to meet the enrollment numbers while still providing high quality nursing education. One of the ways to do this is to offer novel learning modalities that support seamless progression through different levels of nursing degrees. Providing ways for Registered Nurses (RNs) who do not yet have a Bachelor’s degree to bypass a traditional the BSN program and move directly into a Master’s program is one of these methods.

Additionally, there are also several ways to study for your RN to MSN online. Online MSN programs offer many of the same curriculum criteria as traditional campus based programs, but in a distance learning format. Online RN to MSN programs offer the flexibility of studying from your home computer, which is appealing to many working nurses, especially those of you who may routinely work an overnight or split shift schedule. Getting your MSN degree online can reduce the time it may take you to complete a Master’s program and allows nurses who might not otherwise be able to attend school to obtain an advanced nursing education.

The RN to MSN online route is an increasingly popular way to advance your education and many schools now offer this program option for many different programs including Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Educator and Nursing Administration degrees. Through collaboration with clinical partners and nationwide learning networks, nursing schools can now offer online MSN programs that allow you to complete your clinical practicum requirements at a location nearby. This ultimately leads to the schools’ ability to graduate a greater number of highly educated nurses, thus reinforcing the profession through higher learning.

RN to MSN Students

An online RN to MSN bridge program can take around three years to complete, and there are several options for study in both direct and non direct patient care routes. You will be combining online lectures, discussion groups and traditional course work with your clinical hours in most online RN to MSN programs to achieve your learning outcomes. If you are ready to investigate your options for earning your RN to MSN online, check out the schools and programs on our site, and request information to learn more.