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Learn More About Master’s in Nursing, RN to MSN and Direct Entry Master’s Degrees

There are several different ways to earn your Master’s Degree in Nursing. The most traditional route is to enter a graduate program after already earning your Bachelor’s degree. Programs like this are offered across the United States, in a variety of formats including those that offer online and distance learning components.

You can also earn your Master’s degree as a working nurse through an RN to MSN program. This type of program allows Registered Nurses to earn a Master’s degree without first completing a Bachelor’s degree. Whether you are a diploma RN or if you have your Associate’s in Nursing (ASN or ADN degree), you can enter this program and earn a graduate degree in nursing without spending a full six years in school full time, as would be traditionally required. Often called RN-MSN Bridge, RN-MSN Transition or Fast Track RN-MSN Programs, these novel educational options offer a “seamless transition” from entry-level to Master’s level nursing education.

One of the newest Master’s level nursing programs is the Direct Entry Master’s Degree. This option was designed for those who hold a Bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field. If you know that you want to enter the field of nursing and that you will eventually want to become an Advanced Practice nurse or a high level executive or educator, this may be the best option for you. A Direct Entry MSN program allows you to complete your entry-level nursing training and prepares you to sit for the NCLEX-RN, while simultaneously setting you on a direct track to earning your Master’s in Nursing. This is a great route for increasing the number of highly educated new nurses within the profession.


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