Online Direct Entry MSN

As the world of nursing education expands to meet the growing demands of the healthcare system’s need for well-educated care providers, nursing schools are offering more options for Master’s degree study. One of the more novel routes to earning your Master’s degree is called the Direct Entry or Accelerated Master’s degree. This graduate program is geared toward those of you who already have a non-nursing Bachelor’s degree and want to progress directly into a Master’s in Nursing role. To further accommodate the ease with which you can earn your graduate nursing degree, there are also several schools that allow you to work toward your direct entry MSN online.

Increasingly, you can find direct entry MSN programs online vis distance education learning methods, making them even more accessible to students. If you plan to attend one of the Direct Entry MSN programs online, you can expect to spend at least three years in school. Your curriculum will begin with basic nursing courses and will progress to increasingly high level learning as time goes on. To find Accelerated MSN programs online, select the type of degree program you are interested in from our list of categories and specialties above.

Online Direct Entry MSN Programs

Though you may be able to complete a great deal of coursework online, you will be required to complete several hours of clinical study as well, learning the nursing skills you need and putting them to use in a real world environment. If you are looking into an online Accelerated MSN program, be sure to check accreditation status, costs and clinical or campus visit requirements.

Many schools have developed strategic partnerships with healthcare facilities across the country to provide clinical sites to students that are enrolled in online learning programs. If you are getting your MSN online, you may be able to fulfill some clinical requirements at local nursing sites with individually selected clinical instructors. To learn more about your options to earn a direct entry MSN online, using your non-nursing Bachelor’s degree as a starting point, contact schools today.