Forensic Nursing in Virginia

Forensic Nursing Graduate Programs in Virginia

As a registered nurse, you may feel drawn to people in need. After all, many people who go into nursing do so because of their desire to help. If you have strong nursing skills and a good sense of clinical judgment, you may be able to do even more good by earning a forensic nurse degree.

Advancing your education with a Master's degree can put you in a position to work with an entirely new group of patients and advocate for them in the healthcare system. Virginia is an excellent place to get started in the field of forensic nursing. Through the Virginia Chapter of the International Association of Forensic Nurses, professionals stay on top of care standards, legislative updates, and new training opportunities.

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Master’s Degree Programs in Forensic Nursing in Virginia

There are several ways you may be able to further your education and get started on your forensic nursing career.

If you see yourself working in crime labs, assisting victims of crime, collecting evidence, and analyzing forensic evidence, a Master's in forensic nursing may be the logical choice. This forensic nursing degree requires that you earn at least 30 graduate credits and complete several hundred hours of clinical experience.

You may want to compare learning outcomes and goals across different programs to find one that is in line with your nursing philosophy.

Forensic Nursing Graduate Courses

• Practice Paradigms in Forensic Nursing
• Healthcare Policy, Ethics and Legal Aspects of Forensic Nursing
• Substance Abuse: Implications for Nursing Practice
• Child Maltreatment
• Epidemic of Sexual Abuse, Domestic Abuse, and Exploitation

If you would rather work in a more specialized part of forensic nursing, you can look into Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner training programs. In this type of program, you learn how to perform physical exams, study state and federal law regarding sexual assault, and explore how to work with law enforcement professionals. Those who pursue a legal nurse consulting degree prepare for a career in the courtroom, where they may answer questions from lawyers, comment on evidence, and offer their professional opinion on cases.

You must earn your forensic nursing certification from the Commission for Forensic Nursing Certification if you want to become a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner or Advanced Forensic Nurse. If you study legal nurse consulting, your accrediting agency is the WCYB, 2016). This creates a critical problem in Virginia, since victims must avoid showering or changing their clothes until they are professionally examined by a healthcare provider. This can lead to further trauma and shame for those who have already been seriously harmed.

Forensic nurse salary potential statistics vary between areas, although as a general rule, you may earn more as you become more experienced in different types of criminal cases.

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