Forensic Nursing in South Dakota

Forensic Nursing Graduate Programs in South Dakota

The demand for nurses has grown considerably throughout the United States, with rural states like South Dakota often being hit hardest. Nurses who choose to work in this state often settle in metropolitan areas like Sioux Falls, leaving much of the population with little access to healthcare. The problem becomes even more severe when you consider specialized nursing roles.

In South Dakota, there are not enough forensic nurses and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners to provide timely services to all of the sexual assault victims in this state (Argus Leader, 2016). This is a serious issue that can leave victims feeling further traumatized as they are forced to wait for hours in the same clothes in which they were victimized.

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Master’s Degree Programs in Forensic Nursing in South Dakota

The first step to advancing your nursing career is choosing an educational program that fits your needs. If you want to become a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, you may be able to complete a short-term training program that provides clinical experience and training.

To work in other areas of forensic nursing, including death investigations, evidence collection, and biological evidence assessment, you may need a Master's in forensic nursing. Over a period of two to three years, you complete at least 30 credits while studying the theory and practical skills of forensic nursing.

Forensic Nursing Graduate Courses

• Foundations of Forensic Nursing
• Criminalistics
• Psychological, Social, and Legal Aspects of Forensics
• Interprofessional Collaboration

Another area of specialized study in this field is legal nurse consulting. Legal nurse consultants assess physical evidence, give their opinion in court, study cases to understand precedent, and undergo questioning from prosecutors. In this type of program, you spend considerably less time working with patients and much more time learning about the field of law.

Each certification organization sets different forensic nursing requirements. Those who plan on becoming SANEs or Advanced Forensic Nurses through the Commission for Forensic Nursing Certification must have enough clinical training and relevant work experience before applying. The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants sets training and work experience requirements for legal nurse consultants.

The Role of Forensic Nurses in South Dakota

With all of the different forensic nurse degrees in South Dakota, you may play a wide range of different roles in this field. If you choose to specialize in sexual assault or forensic nursing, you may spend quite a bit of time working with those who are commonly victimized by crime, including women and children. Forensic nursing professionals often play an active role in associations like the South Dakota Coalition Ending Domestic and Sexual Violence.

If you go into legal nurse consulting, your work experience may be slightly different. You may spend your days consulting with lawyers, searching legal libraries, and sitting through court cases. While some graduates work for legal nursing consulting agencies, others become self-employed and offer their services to lawyers in their community.

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