Forensic Nursing in Kentucky

Forensic Nursing Graduate Programs in Kentucky

The healthcare background you get as a registered nurse is useful in many settings and applications. For example, forensic nursing is one of the newest nursing specialties to be offered at nursing colleges in Kentucky. Nurses with forensic training can provide care to victims of trauma, gather evidence from bodies, and ensure that patients receive evidence-based, sensitive care.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, also known as SANEs, study a specialized form of forensic nursing. In September of 2016, Kentucky started ensuring that certified SANEs were available at all times (KY Forward, 2016).

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Master’s Degree Programs in Forensic Nursing in Kentucky

To study forensic nursing at the Master’s degree level, you need a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and a current nursing license. Many programs have extensive experience requirements, since forensic nursing is a specialized field that requires sensitivity and a knowledge of current evidence.

By the time you graduate, you should have at least 30 credits from graduate nursing courses. Some programs require far more than 30 credits, depending on which school you attend and whether you study sexual assault nursing, legal nurse consulting, or forensic nursing. There are some courses that are commonly offered in all of these areas.

Courses Offered for Forensic Nurse Degree Programs
• Forensic Science and the Legal System
• Criminal Law and the Courts
• Advanced Forensic Nursing
• Program Development, Leadership, and Policy of Forensic Nursing
• Forensic Clinical Experience

To be ready for the challenges of a forensic nursing career, you need plenty of clinical experience. Hour requirements vary between schools, but you may spend several hundred hours in relevant clinical settings.

Before you start working in forensic nursing in Kentucky, you may need to get certified. Through the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute, you may become a Certified Forensic Nurse if you have at least three years of RN experience. SANE licensure goes through the Commission for Forensic Nursing Certification. The forensic nursing requirements for Advanced Forensic Nurses include two years of full-time experience, 2,000 hours of forensic nursing experience, and a Master’s degree.

The Role of Forensic Nurses in Kentucky

When you start working as a forensic nurse, you may take part in many meaningful programs that help victims get justice and provide them with care that is sensitive to their trauma. The Kentucky Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs runs an SANE program that makes SANEs accessible to victims whenever they need them. Many other facilities are starting to provide SANE coverage, include KentuckyOne Health. If you become a legal nurse consultant, you may work for a government agency, a crime lab, or a nurse consulting firm.

If you’re ready to use your nursing experience in a new and challenging role, learn more about forensic nursing now.

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