Wyoming Public Health Graduate Programs

Public Health Nursing (PHN) is a program of the Wyoming Department of Health. Their mission is to achieve a healthier and safer state by preventing disease and injury, promoting a healthy lifestyle and protecting community health. Alongside public health nurses, they have implemented evidence-based measures to address the more important health status indicators in Wyoming. They promote leadership, creativity, and they collaborate with other healthcare professionals to find solutions for any health risk or chronic illnesses.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is building a Culture of Health in communities across the country that has two goals. This leadership development program is working to develop a group of senior level Public Health Nurse Leaders, so they have the skill to be leaders in the community in order to improve the health of the population. Furthermore, they work with existing state coalitions, such as the Future of nursing: Campaign for Action.

This is a very exciting time to get your master’s degree in public health, as there is a shortage of primary care physicians and more opportunities for graduate level public health nurses. Request information from schools to learn more.

Master’s Degree Programs in Public Health Nursing in Wyoming

The number of universities with graduate public health degrees in limited in Wyoming. The University of Wyoming has a Family Nurse Practitioner program on their campus. There are two accredited online programs with master’s programs in public health nursing, which are Grand Canyon University and Kaplan University. There are numerous other nursing master’s degrees available as well.

It takes about 40 semester credits to graduate with the following public health nursing curriculum:

  • Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Roles and Practice
  • Health Care Research Analysis and Utilization
  • Ethics, Policy and Finance in the Health Care System
  • Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Environmental Health
  • Social,Behavioral and Cultural Factors in Public Health
  • Public Health Practicum
  • Evidence–Based Practice Project

As a student you will transition from theory to practice in the practicum course, as you are required to complete 150 hours on-site working under the supervision of a faculty member. The final project is a unique opportunity to identify a community problem, develop a plan to implement a solution and evaluate the outcome as you disseminate the results.

The Role of Public Health Nurses in Wyoming

The graduate public health nursing degree is essentially designed for nurses that are interested in disease prevention and all aspects of community health. They may find employment in county or state public health departments, hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools, industry or other types of community-based education and health promotion settings.

In Wyoming, a Medical and Health Services Manager earned an average annual income of $92,810 in 2014. Salaries may vary according to the type of position you accept following graduation, but public health nurses have a projected growth rate of 22 percent. There are only a few careers that will allow you to make such an impact on your community, and you will also be helping nursing as a whole. Contact schools today to learn more about getting started in public health nursing.

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