Rhode Island Nursing Research Graduate Programs

If you wish to further your nursing career, earning your graduate degree in nursing research can help you strengthen your profession’s contribution to the enhancement of healthcare across Rhode Island. As a clinical nurse researcher, you will need to be proficient in evidence-based care, promoting quality healthcare for communities, families, and individuals.

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As a nurse researcher, you may find yourself:

  • Conducting in-depth research
  • Teaching research methodologies
  • Shaping healthcare policies
  • Implementing research plans

In order to work legally as a clinical nurse researcher in Rhode Island, you must earn a Master of Science in Nursing or a Doctorate of Nursing Practice through an accredited nursing program. The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education provides accreditation to colleges that meet the national medical standards. These degrees will prepare you for working in a variety of settings, including direct and indirect patient care at the local, federal, and state levels (ANA, 2015, July 8). Start a new career path as a certified clinical nurse researcher in Rhode Island by enrolling in a graduate program today.

Rhode Island Graduate Degree Programs in Nursing Research

Depending on your career aspirations, you have a few graduate degree program options available, which require different research competencies and expectations. Master’s programs generally take two to three years to finish and prepare you for successfully evaluating research findings for the development and implementation of evidence-based guidelines. By the end of the program, you should be able to not only form and lead medical teams but also identify practice problems and collaborate with scientists.

Practice-focused doctoral programs can take an additional two to three years to finish, focusing on the highest nursing practice levels beyond initial discipline preparation. As a student, you will hone your nursing skills and gain the ability to implement complex clinical interventions that are tailored to community, family, and individual needs (AACN, 2015, July 8).

Topics may cover advanced leadership skills, data management, and policy advocacy. You may also enroll in a research-focused doctoral program, which focuses on the pursuance of intellectual inquiry and independent research. During the program, you will learn how to plan and start independent research programs as well as seek the necessary support during the initial stages.

If you wish to become a senior investigator in the medical community, then you may need to enroll in a postdoctoral program. As a student, you will need to devote your time to further developing your research skills. Under the direction of a senior investigator, you will learn how to establish a research program and face academic, administrative, and clinical demands. Before graduation in any degree program, you will need to fulfill the required clinical practicum, entailing a minimum of 500 hours of hands-on experience at an approved medical facility.

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With most graduate degree programs in Rhode Island, you may qualify for a scholarship or loan through the American Association of Colleges of Nursing or the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration. As a nursing student, you may qualify for one of the following scholarships:

  • Continuing Professional Development Scholarship
  • Disadvantaged Faculty Loan Repayment Program
  • Giva Corporate Outstanding Nursing Student Scholarship
  • NURSE Corps Loan Repayment Program
The Role of Clinical Nurse Researchers in Rhode Island

Studies show that the average salary for clinical nurse researchers in Rhode Island is $117,100 annually, which is slightly lower than the national average. By earning your doctorate and taking the CNS licensing exam, you can potentially make $180,100 annually (O*Net, 2015, July 8). American Nurses Credentialing Center offers various licensing exams that you can take to specialize in an advanced nursing sector. Once you are a licensed clinical nurse researcher, you may find employment opportunities as a:

  • Clinical nurse coordinator
  • Clinical data manager
  • Nurse scientist

According to recent research, approximately 100 natural science managers work in the state of Rhode Island, including clinical nurse researchers. Employment experts are expecting a four percent increase in natural science manager positions throughout the state by 2022 (O*Net, 2015, July 8). Start your career as a clinical nurse researcher in Rhode Island today by learning more about graduate programs in nursing research.

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