Oregon Research Nursing Graduate Programs

The field of nursing is one that is always fluctuating and changing in response to research, adverse outcomes, and practitioner input. While working as a registered nurse in Oregon, you have likely experienced this. Every time a hospital or clinic changes its policies, they are doing so because of research that backs up those decisions.

Clinical researchers, then, are responsible for some of the biggest advances in the field of nursing. Recent research out of Oregon indicates that the vast majority of people will receive a wrong diagnosis at some point in their lives. Researchers who make discoveries like this one are directly contributing to a stronger future in health care. Your nursing experience may provide you with special insight into these issues and what needs to change.

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Oregon Graduate Degree Programs in Nursing Research

Clinical researchers cover many different tasks and responsibilities throughout the course of a study, and you should be ready to take on any of these tasks by the time you graduate. That's why you'll likely spend at least two years in school earning a Master’s degree in nursing research. If you’d like to be able to teach and conduct research, you may consider earning a PhD. However, this path may require up to seven years of further education.

Learning how to conduct research involves developing a strong understanding of ethics, statistics, and proper research practices. To meet the many learning goals of your chosen program, you may enroll in classes like Research Design and Statistics, Ethical and Legal Issues in Research, Conceptual Foundations of Clinical Research, Programs of Research and Grantsmanship, Quantitative Research Methods, and Qualitative Research Methods. In many of your classes, you’ll need to complete a research practicum. This may require you to contribute to a study, gain experience at a local laboratory, or even design your own study.

As a registered nurse, you have hopefully developed some nursing contacts that can help you find funding opportunities for your degree. Working as a graduate assistant or research assistant may provide you with some tuition assistance. You can also look at grants funded by groups like the Oregon Student Nurses’ Association.

The Role of Clinical Nurse Researchers in Oregon

The employment options that are available to you after graduation may vary, depending on where you focus your research during school and what your research interests are. One of the most renowned research facilities in Oregon is Kaiser Permanente Northwest. You may be able to seek positions in specialty clinics, dedicated research facilities, medical device companies, or consulting firms.

Staying in Oregon can benefit your career, as the job growth rate through 2022 is expected to exceed the national average by 4% (O*Net, 2015). Currently, the average income for a clinical researcher is $99,900 per year (O*Net, 2015).

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