Oklahoma Public Health Nursing Graduate Programs

More education can open doors for more opportunity no matter what career you're considering. Beginning the search for a graduate program in public health nursing can be a challenging but rewarding experience in Oklahoma. As a nurse, you have a wide variety of options available to you when considering the pursuit of higher education. Oklahoma is home to several universities with a variety of MSN programs. These universities function as traditional brick and mortar colleges, but there are a wide variety of online programs to accommodate the working professional who needs a more flexible schedule. As a practicing nurse, you have many different educational opportunities that can elevate your professional status and provide tangible advantages for you as well. Contact the Oklahoma schools with public health programs to learn more.

Master's Degree Programs in Public Health Nursing in Oklahoma

If you are searching for a graduate degree program in public health nursing in Oklahoma, you have come to the right place. You can contact schools directly from our site to get program details today.

While nursing is an extremely dynamic career with countless rewards and professional opportunities, continuing your nursing education can further your professional status as well as your ability to act as an advocate and a leader in the health care industry.

Public health nursing degree programs will enable you to continue working directly with patients as well as extending into research and public administration. Master's degree public health nurses are able to assist with the planning and execution of public health programs. Most graduate programs in public health nursing are designed so that a practicing nurse is able to complete the curricula within two to three years, depending on experience and previous coursework.

Public health nursing programs in Oklahoma may include competency tracks in areas such as diversity, health administration and policies, environmental health, public administration, communications, health sciences, common social issues and epidemiology. There are a wide variety of options available for financing your education including scholarships and grants offered from American Association of Colleges of Nursing, for example, available here. Many companies offer tuition repayment programs for nurses who study and then continue to practice with them for a period of time.

For those who prefer a traditional college campus, Oklahoma offers universities with unique and challenging educational programs. However, many practicing nurses prefer the flexibility of online, non-traditional learning or a combination of both online/traditional education. Nursing programs have grown in the last decade to over 200 existing programs. The median salary for a master's degree public health nurse in Oklahoma is $95,400 according to O*Net Online.

The Role of Public Health Nurses in Oklahoma

Nurses play a significant role in health care, providing critical patient care with professionalism and integrity. As a public health nurse in Oklahoma, you will be able to continue this role but you will also be afforded the ability to advocate for the patients that you care so much about. As a master's level public health nurse, you will be able to work directly with other agencies and lawmakers to plan and deliver much-needed prevention programs as well as treatment options for entire communities. By strengthening your place in the profession with higher education, you can strengthen the profession of nursing as a whole. Don't wait any longer to find out more about this exciting and rewarding opportunity.

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