Mississippi Research Nursing Graduate Programs

Registered nursing is a critical part of the health care industry of Mississippi. Thanks to your education and experience, patients all over Mississippi have received top-notch care at medical facilities. You can make use of your expertise by exploring advanced nursing career options in Mississippi. In particular, the field of nursing research is responsible for many of the policy changes and standards utilized by Mississippi institutions.

Clinical studies are the backbone of nursing research in Mississippi. Throughout the state, clinical trials direct the course of medicine and empower nursing professionals to use the latest evidence in their care decisions. Whether you are interested in studying the industry, patient care standards, or another aspect of nursing, it all begins with your education.

Learn what research nursing graduate programs in Mississippi can teach you and how you can make your mark on this industry.

Mississippi Graduate Degree Programs in Nursing Research

To be a contributing member of the nursing research community, there is a lot that you need to know and many skills you must possess. First, you need an impeccable understanding of nursing theory, both at the basic level and at the advanced level. Second, you must be able to look at the industry with a critical eye to find potential subjects of research. Finally, you must understand how to design and carry out research in an ethical and moral way.

These critical thinking skills and advanced abilities are taught at the graduate level. You need to earn at least 30 credits over two to three years to become a clinical researcher. Since this is an academically demanding specialty, it is important that you have strong academic performance at the undergraduate level. Many programs look for applicants with GPAs of at least 3.5.

The curriculum for your chosen nursing program should help you get right into the world of research. Courses that may be part of your curriculum include Concepts of Nursing Research, Advanced Nursing Health Assessment, Qualitative Nursing Research, Quantitative Nursing Research, Ethics in Nursing Research, Leadership in Nursing, and Statistics for Health Care Professionals. You may also be expected to complete a number of practicum courses to gain the proper clinical experience.

You may look to local organizations and associations for financial aid options. The Mississippi Nurses Foundation awards the Mississippi Nurses Foundation Research Grant each year. It is worth $2,000.

The Role of Clinical Nurse Researchers in Mississippi

Overall, the field of clinical research is fairly stable in Mississippi. O*Net does not expect a significant change in job openings through the year 2022. In Mississippi, the average salary for a clinical researcher is $100,900 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Nursing research fills several different roles in Mississippi. Researchers hope to strengthen the field by attracting more nurses to Mississippi. Other researchers focus on how to improve the patient care experience, either through patient satisfaction or safety ratings. A recent study out of Mississippi examined patient falls that happened throughout the state. Researchers analyzed data to find common causes for patient falls. They were then able to use this data to decrease the amount of patient falls over a period of months. Obviously, nursing research has a direct impact on health care quality in Mississippi.

Are you interested in using your nursing experience to improve Mississippi’s health care system? If so, get started now by requesting information from nurse research programs in Mississippi.

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