Nevada Public Health Graduate Programs

No matter how long you have worked as a registered nurse in Nevada, you have likely become very familiar with the field of public health nursing. The role of public health in Nevada is far different than it is in any other state, thanks to the huge amount of tourists that come through Nevada every year. Public health threats from across the country can quickly threaten the health of Nevada residents.

Contributing to the field of public health empowers you to strengthen ongoing health care efforts in Nevada communities. The Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health aims to make health care a priority to everyone in the state. If you want to use your nursing knowledge to run community health programs, reach out to citizens, and analyze data, reach out to public health nursing graduate programs in Nevada.

Master’s Degree Programs in Public Health Nursing in Nevada

The field of public health is diverse and multifaceted, so you should plan on studying hard and taking a variety of courses as a graduate student. Learning goals in public health programs center around several areas of study. By the time you graduate, you must be able to read and interpret nursing research, use data to analyze public health issues, effectively reach the public in regards to health concerns, and design programs that reach as many residents as possible.

Clearly, reaching these goals takes quite a bit of study. Most students spend two to three years in school to earn a graduate degree in public health nursing. Some of the classes that may be required for this program include Population Health Informatics, Health Equity and Social Justice, Public Health Nurse Leadership Role, Behavior Change Theory and Population Health, Fundamentals of Epidemiology, and Research for Evidence-Based Practice. These courses and the clinical classes you take help you build the skills and understanding required for public health nursing positions in Nevada.

Through your school, private organizations, and the state government, you may apply for graduate student aid to cover some or all of your educational expenses. If you live in the northern part of the state, you can apply for grants through Northern Nevada Nurses of Achievement.

The Role of Public Health Nurses in Nevada

Anticipated job growth in Nevada’s expanding nursing industry is in line with national averages. By the year 2022, O*Net expects to see a 14% increase in registered nursing jobs. Salary data indicates that the average income for a registered nurse in this state is $79,300 per year (O*Net, 2014).

You must be ready to act as a leader when you get started in the field of public health. Your input and knowledge may be requested for controversial issues and decisions. A major public health movement in Nevada centers around making birth control free and easily accessible for all women to minimize public health care costs. As a public health nurse, it is your job to look at the evidence, figure out what is best for the people of Nevada, and advocate for the decision that best fits these criteria.

The field of public health may only become more important in years to come. Get involved now by requesting information from public health nursing programs in Nevada.

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