Nevada Research Nursing Graduate Programs

In the early days of this career field, nursing may have started out as a support position for doctors. However, the field of nursing has grown so much in scope and size that it is now its own industry. This is good news for you—the experience you have as a registered nurse can be applied to a number of advanced career path that may allow you to positively impact the world of nursing. If you are interested in taking the next step in your Nevada nursing career, find out more about research nursing graduate programs in Nevada.

As a research nurse, you may focus your efforts on any number of areas in this field. Areas of interest include nurse employment and education, patient outcomes and experience, technology and procedures, and instruction methods. One recent nursing study in Nevada looked at how the nursing workforce is changing. This study concluded that the the male nursing workforce is growing rapidly, with health care becoming more popular overall as a career field.

Nevada Graduate Degree Programs in Nursing Research

Although your RN experience is extremely valuable in the field of research, you also have to develop a whole new set of skills and knowledge to make your way into a research career. Your Bachelor’s degree in nursing provides the base critical thinking skills and nursing knowledge that you need to head into a graduate nursing program. Programs in Nevada range from 30 to 90 credits, depending on whether you want to earn a Master’s degree or a PhD. This is a big decision, so it is worth your time to consider multiple schools and truly find one that fits your research goals and your learning style. It is also crucial to find a good cohort, since you will be working with them on research and group studies for the duration of your education.

The coursework in your curriculum should walk you through every step of developing and carrying out research. Some of the core classes you may take include Nursing Research Methods, Nursing Inquiry and Scholarship, Nursing Theory, Measurement and Data Analysis, and Theoretical Perspectives of Nursing Science. In many of your courses, particularly toward the end of your degree, you may participate in research studies to build your confidence and your knowledge of proper research protocol.

There are quite a few organizations and associations that have scholarship and grant opportunities for graduate nursing students. Since you are an RN, you may already know of some of these organizations. Northern Nevada Nurses of Achievement is one local scholarship resource to look into.

The Role of Clinical Nurse Researchers in Nevada

With a graduate degree in research nursing, you may be able to explore opportunities in a variety of settings. Hospitals, clinics, and educational institutions often have dedicated research wings and laboratories. You may also be able to work in a medical specialty, particularly if you have nursing experience in that area. One large research center in Nevada is the Comprehensive Cancer Center of Nevada.

Since few nurses ever reach this level of education, you may enjoy a strong earning potential in this field. The average income for a clinical researcher in Nevada is $94,200 per year (O*Net, 2014). The job outlook in this field is also positive, with a 9% increase in jobs anticipated through the year 2022 (O*Net, 2012).

Find out what your full potential is as a nursing professional. Research nursing graduate programs in Nevada can help you get there.

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