Nebraska Public Health Graduate Programs

There is only one constant in the field of health care, and that is change. The goals of the health care industry are always changing and evolving to address current threats and health issues. Your registered nursing role contributes to the health and well-being of patients in your community. With your experience, you may be ready to advance your nursing knowledge and career.

The field of public health is one of the most rapidly growing specialties in the country. Public health nurses are responsible for educating the public, keeping track of and minimizing public health threats, and running community programs that improve the health of communities. All of these efforts go through the Nebraska Division of Public Health.

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Master’s Degree Programs in Public Health Nursing in Nebraska

Getting the right education is key to becoming a public health nurse in Nebraska. First, ensure that you meet the admissions requirements for your chosen program. At minimum, all schools require a Bachelor’s degree in nursing, since this is a graduate-level program. Most schools only accept applicants with at least one year of registered nursing experience, although some schools require up to five years. Furthermore, you must keep your nursing license valid for the duration of your education.

A lot of what is taught in public health nursing programs focuses on developing an advanced knowledge of nursing theory and the critical thinking skills needed to apply this knowledge to public health.

To work toward these goals, you may enroll in a wide variety of classes. Some of the courses you may enroll in include Biostatistical Methods, Health Promotion in Populations, Population-Based Outcomes, Epidemiology, Environmental Health Nursing, and Disaster Management for Public Health Nursing.

As you explore different areas of public health nursing, you may apply your teachings to a practical work setting. Public health programs involve several hundred hours of clinical work, typically spread across a range of agencies and employers.

Financial aid can help you avoid additional student debt and make your degree more affordable. Consider applying for scholarships through the Nebraska Center for Nursing.

The Role of Public Health Nurses in Nebraska

As is the case in many states, Nebraska has seen a huge increase in the need for registered nurses. Since public health nurses must have a graduate degree to practice, the need for highly educated individuals is growing even more quickly. O*Net expects job openings for registered nurses to jump by 12% by the year 2022. The job growth rate for public health nurses may differ from county to county. The average salary for a Nebraska registered nurse is $56,500 per year, although your graduate degree may boost your earning potential considerably (O*Net, 2014).

Throughout your career, you may need to lend your expertise to different issues and health problems. This involves advocating for the improvement of public health by suggesting better benefit payouts and weighing public health costs at every step of the way.

You could take your nursing career to the next level with a public health degree. Explore your options by contacting public health nursing programs in Nebraska.

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