Michigan Public Health Graduate Programs

The greatest tool that the health care industry has is education. Whether the goal is eradicating drug use, stopping the spread of a highly infectious disease, or getting people to wash their hands, educating the public is always one of the first steps. That is why public health nurses play such an important role in Michigan.

Michigan has many unique health concerns and problems, due to the fact that it has two peninsulas that largely operate like different states. The Michigan Public Health Association focuses on subjects like immunizations, preventative health care, HIV testing, cancer screening, and nutrition.

If you are ready to use your nursing experience to take Michigan into a healthier future, contact the schools below to learn more about public health nursing graduate programs in Michigan.

Master’s Degree Programs in Public Health Nursing in Michigan

The field of public health nursing has changed over the years. While it used to only require an interest in community nursing and public health efforts, it now requires an extensive knowledge of statistics, infectious disease, and public health laws.

To meet the requirements laid out for public health nurses, you must start by earning a Master’s degree in nursing. Your Bachelor’s degree in nursing should have laid a strong foundation for study at this level. Programs tend to last between two and three years, depending on exactly how many credits your school requires.

By looking over the curriculum of your nursing program, you can start to understand what public health nurses do and what you need to learn to succeed in this specialty. Your curriculum may have classes like Health & Health Equity, Assessment and Collaboration with Communities, Program Planning for Health Systems, Advanced Practice in Community Health Systems, Health Policy, Evidence-Based Practice, and Transcultural Nursing Practice. In addition, your school may require you to complete a scholarly project or research study. This helps you define your goals as a public health nurse and demonstrate the knowledge gained in your graduate program.

Like many other states, Michigan has financial aid programs for nurses who are returning to school. The Michigan Nursing Scholarship is awarded through the Michigan Department of Student Aid. Since this is a scholarship, it does not need to be paid back.

The Role of Public Health Nurses in Michigan

What you do as a public health nurse in Michigan depends a lot on where you work in this state. If you work in one of the larger urban areas of Michigan, you may deal with public health issues like drug use, malnutrition, and food deserts. However, if you begin your career in a rural community, you may spend more time with health issues caused by being outdoors, resident education, and safe access to health care. In addition, this job tends to change on a fairly frequent basis, so you must be ready to tackle new problems and topics that arise.

As a whole, the nursing field is growing. A 19% increase in job openings is expected through the year 2022, according to O*Net. In Michigan, the average salary for a nurse is $65,500 per year (O*Net, 2014). You may find that your salary potential increases once you have your graduate degree.

Find out how much of an impact you can make on health care in Michigan. Get started today by requesting information from public health nursing programs in Michigan.

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