Maryland Clinical Nurse Specialist Degrees

Perhaps you’re a registered nurse who’s seen what advanced practice nurses can do for their patients, or maybe you’re simply ready to take the next logical step in your nursing career. If you’re dedicated to the field of nursing and prepared to use your skills to help this field grow, it may be time to look into clinical nurse specialist programs in Maryland.

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One of the benefits of becoming a clinical nurse specialist is the variety of ways in which this education can be used. Research is one possibility if you want to conduct, analyze, and implement studies. You may also opt to focus on patient care or train medical staff members on new protocols. You may also contribute to public health efforts, such as clinical nurse specialists’ efforts to minimize the use of opiate drugs in certain settings.

Find out more about what it means to be a clinical nurse specialist and how you can take the first step to a career in this field.

Becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Maryland

Clinical nurse specialists in Maryland often work independently, lead up projects, or supervise other medical professionals. Because of these varied and demanding roles, you must complete quite a bit of education and training before you qualify for licensure as a clinical nurse specialist. On top of the 120 credits you’ve earned as a Bachelor’s degree graduate, you must earn 30 to 40 credits at the graduate level. For most students, this amounts to two to three years of full-time study.

You won’t be spending all your time in a classroom as a CNS student. Rather, you’ll likely spend several hundred hours building your base of clinical skills in hospitals and offices across your community.

To meet the requirements of CNS programs in Maryland, you must take many different courses. Classes that may be included in your curriculum include Statistics for Health Care Professionals, Research for Advanced Practice Nurses, Clinical Nurse Specialist Role Immersion, Health Care Politics, Physical Assessment for Clinical Nurse Specialists, and Pathophysiology for Clinical Nurse Specialists. Part of your curriculum may be unique to the specialty you choose to pursue, whether you want to work with a specific population or understand a certain health problem.

Throughout Maryland and even the entire country, there are many scholarship programs that serve graduate-level nursing students. Through the NURSE Corps Scholarship Program, you may be able to earn money for school if you agree to work in an underserved area after graduation.

Maryland students may apply for aid through the Workforce Shortage Student Assistance Grant Program. The Maryland Nurse Association is also a major distributor of nursing scholarships in this state.

Working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Maryland

Moving up in your career and furthering your education can benefit you in many different ways. CNN indicates that the average salary for a clinical nurse specialist is $86,500 per year. Through the year 2022, you may see job openings increase by 26%.

The Maryland Board of Nursing oversees the licensing of clinical nurse specialists. With proof of your education, clinical hours, and valid RN license, you can get your advanced practice license and begin your career.

Are you ready to change the field of nursing through research, education, and practice? If so, contact clinical nurse specialist programs in Maryland today to get started.

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