Louisiana Clinical Nurse Specialist Programs

As a registered nurse in Louisiana, you’ve likely seen the many ways in which health care is changing throughout the state. Louisiana is known for its large rural population. The makeup of the state’s population can make it difficult for patients to get care, particularly if they live in a very remote rural area. How are health care organizations and employers reaching these patients? One solution involves increasing their hiring of advanced nursing professionals, including Clinical Nurse Specialists.

Becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Louisiana begins with contacting the schools offering CNS programs. Request more information from those listed on our site that you are interested in to get started.

Not only can becoming a CNS give you the opportunity to change your local community, you may impact the field of nursing as a whole. Beverly Malone, a clinical nurse specialist, has used her position as an advanced nursing specialist to affect nursing via education, policy, administration, and clinical practice.

If you’re ready to use your Bachelor’s degree in nursing to take the next step in your career, find out more about clinical nurse specialist programs in Louisiana.

Becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Louisiana

If you have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing, at least one year of full-time RN experience, and an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0, you may be a great candidate for a Louisiana CNS program. Participating in grant programs, taking part in nursing research, or serving as a leader can impact your chances for admission.

The majority of clinical nurse specialist programs last two to three years, although some schools have part-time programs that take considerably longer. You must earn at least 30 credits, although some programs require up to 50 credits. Requirements often depend on which program specialty you decide to pursue. Options you may have in Louisiana include pediatrics, community health, adult care, gerontology, and oncology.

As you progress through your curriculum, you may take a wide variety of courses that build on your undergraduate nursing skills and take your understanding of complex nursing issues to the next level. Your curriculum may include courses like Role Development for Advanced Practice Nurses, Research for Advanced Practice Nurses, Clinical Decision Making, Health Care Policy and Politics, Care for Individuals Across the Healthcare Continuum, and Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice Nurses.

Many of your courses should include a clinical component in which you gain valuable practical skills and become a confident leader in health care settings.

In the state of Louisiana, nursing students may qualify for a broad range of nursing scholarships, grants, and loan repayment programs. The Louisiana Association of Student Nurses can be an excellent networking group, and it also has numerous scholarships for members. The Olive Tupper Foundation awards scholarships to those specializing in home health, labor & delivery, pediatric care, psychiatric care, and geriatric care. You may also want to join the Louisiana State Nurses Association for more scholarship opportunities.

Working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Louisiana

Advancing your career with a graduate degree in nursing may pay off for you in many ways, particularly if you’re willing to work in one of Louisiana’s many rural areas. CNN Money reports that clinical nurse specialist jobs may increase by 26% through 2022. The average salary for a CNS is $86,500 per year.

Throughout your education, you should maintain your registered nursing degree. This is a requirement for those who want to become licensed as clinical nursing specialists. The Louisiana State Board of Nursing helps registered nurses navigate the processing of becoming Advanced Practice Registered Nurses.

Nursing is a diverse field with many specialties and career paths. Explore your future in nursing by contacting clinical nurse specialist programs in Louisiana directly from our site.

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