Kentucky Public Health Nursing Grad Programs

The Kentucky healthcare industry is not unlike the healthcare industry in other states; healthcare is in high demand and continues to grow. There are many different facets of healthcare, but nursing continues to be one of the most critical and rewarding. Nurses are educated to focus primarily on patient care, interacting with patients and other stakeholders regularly using only research based practices.

As the largest sector of nursing, public health nursing plays a vital role in the healthcare field. Graduate programs in public health nursing can prepare you to become a leader and advocate. Contact the Kentucky schools with public health programs listed below to learn more about advancing your education in this field.

As one of the most sought after and respected professionals in healthcare, nurses can continue to strengthen the goal of providing top quality patient care by earning a graduate degree in public health nursing. There are many different college degree programs available in Kentucky, offering thorough, quality education tracks.

There are over twenty-five traditional brick and mortar colleges offering graduate programs in public health in Kentucky. Online degree programs offer flexibility to busy professionals who might not need to earn the degree in a non-traditional manner. By requesting information from the schools that interest you, you can find the right fit for both your educational and career goals.

Master’s Degree Programs in Public Health Nursing in Kentucky

Kentucky is rich in history and old southern charm, but is also home to many of the finest college campuses in the country. Contact the schools below to learn more about many of the various college programs offering graduate programs in public health nursing.

Many of the programs are offered in traditional classrooms, but virtual programs offer equally challenging degree programs that can completely prepare nurses in their field of specialty.

Graduate level public health nurses in Kentucky not only work with patients of varying demographics and health conditions, but can work with communities to properly design and deliver healthcare programs. With patient care being the primary focus, prevention and treatment of illnesses and diseases are disseminated successfully into entire communities of people.

The first and most important step when considering a graduate program in public health nursing is requesting information from many different colleges. Check accreditation sources and compare the degree tracks. Apply to several different programs so you may have options about your education. Nursing programs can be very competitive and some may consider previous education including your undergraduate nursing degree, work experience, volunteer work, and any affiliations that you may have when considering admission.

The Role of Public Health Nurses in Kentucky

Public health nurses in Kentucky are important advocates and spokespersons for stakeholders in the medical field as well as for patients. Understanding the clinical aspects as well as the social involvement aspects, public health nurses are able to provide quality care to patients while continuing to research and communicate the growing needs of the medical field.

Public health nurses are in direct contact with the largest sector of the population and work diligently to deliver programs into communities that will prevent the spread of illness and disease. Public health nurses may find employment in a wide variety of places including health departments, government agencies, mobile medical units, correctional facilities, military bases, schools and many other places.

The median salary for a graduate public health nurse in Kentucky is $97,990, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Continue your professional goals and achievements by enrolling in a graduate nursing program today.

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