Kentucky Research Nursing Graduate Programs

During your time as a registered nurse in Kentucky, you have likely seen procedures and standards change dozens of times, if not more than that. These changes may seem excessive or too frequent, but the truth is that quite a bit of research goes into every change that is made in the nursing industry. Your experience may help you see areas for growth or change in Kentucky, and you could use that experience to become a great nurse researcher.

To understand how important nursing research is in Kentucky and throughout the country, all you have to do is look at how much money is spent on research studies. Kentucky legislators recently put their support behind a bill that would significantly increase spending on medical research. As research facilities, hospitals, and universities try to keep up with the demand for research, their need for clinical researchers should increase.

Explore your options in this field by looking at our list of research nursing graduate programs in Kentucky.

Kentucky Graduate Degree Programs in Nursing Research

It is clear that your previous nursing experience can be extremely helpful when you enter a nurse research program. In fact, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing to apply to graduate programs in this field. However, the field of nurse research blends statistics with nursing, so you must complete a thorough curriculum before you can work in this field.

The curriculum at your school of choice should cover research outcomes, ethics in research, protocols for research, the influence of research on the field of nursing, and how research findings are used. To accomplish these goals, you may enroll in classes like Knowledge Synthesis in Nursing Science, Ethical and Legal Issues in Research, Research Design and Statistics, Programs of Research and Grantsmanship, and Statistics in Health Care.

In addition to your classroom courses, you must enroll in a variety of practicum courses. Your practicum classes involve participating in research and applying your knowledge to different research settings. As you approach the end of your program, you may even have to design and carry out your own study to demonstrate your competence in this field.

The state of Kentucky hopes to increase the number of graduate-level nurses by providing financial aid. The Nursing Incentive Scholarship awards students $3000 per year for tuition and living expenses.

The Role of Clinical Nurse Researchers in Kentucky

The research that you do as a clinical researcher doesn't just improve health care and give nurses a better working environment. In fact, this research can often save lives. Nurse researchers in Kentucky found that drug-related deaths in Lexington, KY, went up an astounding 30% in 2014. These kinds of findings can help nurses and policymakers figure out what they need to focus on when treating patients.

Kentucky may be an excellent place to get established in your nurse research career. O*Net expects a 9% increase in job openings by the year 2022. Nurse researchers in this state earn an average salary of $96,400 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Dedicating yourself to your education now can help you boost your job satisfaction and contribute to the health care industry at large. Get started by contacting research nursing programs in Kentucky.

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