Kansas Public Health Nursing Graduate Programs

According to the Department of Public Health in Kansas, there are three core functions of public health, which include assessment, policy development and assurance.

There is an increasing demand for primary care providers, which calls for an increase in the number of APRNs and additional certifying bodies. The Kansas legislature’s Public Health and Welfare Committee is currently debating a bill that will remove barriers for APRNs who practice independently in the field of public health. The nurses in the debate use research articles that established that APRNs are very cost effective, and they provide high quality care.

The CDC lists specific activities performed by public health nurses, which include monitoring the health status of individuals to identify disease, and they investigate health problems that may be specific to a particular community. These nurses educate and empower the community about health issues.

If this growing profession interests you, contact the schools below to learn more about enrolling in a public health nursing program in Kansas.

Master’s Degree Programs in Public Health Nursing in Kansas

There are several Kansas universities and colleges that offer graduate degrees in public health nursing.

Kansas Public Health Nursing programs are designed for both the novice and the experienced nurse in public/community health. The primary focus is on health promotion and disease prevention strategies for a targeted will population.

The admission criteria typically includes:

  • BSN from an accredited program
  • Currently registered in one state
  • Minimum of one year of clinical work experience as an RN
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Potential for leadership
  • Graduate level statistics course

There are around 40 required credits in a Master’s in Public Health program, which are divided between three areas. The curriculum may include:

Common Core

  • Theories for Practice and Research: Individual, Family, Community
  • Health Care Research
  • Health Care Professionalism: Issues and Roles
  • Research Project

Leadership Core

  • Organizational Foundations for Leading Change
  • Social Context for Health Care Policy
  • Evaluation and Analysis for Health Care Effectiveness
  • Global Perspectives and Diversity in Health Care

Public Health Specialization

  • Health Promotion and Complementary Therapies
  • Epidemiology
  • Environmental Health
  • Advanced Concepts and Public Health Nursing/Practicum

Kansas scholarships and grants are available for specific graduate degrees, which include being a dependent or spouse of a deceased public safety officer, a prisoner of war, a dependent or spouse of a deceased military personnel or if you are from a Foster Education Assistance Program. The Kansas University Medical Center also offers the Kansas Board of Regents scholarships, which is available for graduate students.

The Role of Public Health Nurses in Kansas

There are several areas for public health nurses to find jobs. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment have a large number of bureaus for various types of public health concerns, and they work closely with local agencies.

The Medical and Health Services Managers in Kansas earned an annual salary for 2014, of $92,810. A graduate degree can improve your future in a positive way, and a public health nurse is important to healthcare on a local or even a national level.

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