Kansas Clinical Nurse Specialist Programs

If you’ve been working as a registered nurse for some time and you’re ready to find out how you can become a bigger player in the health care industry of Kansas, it may be time to learn more about clinical nurse specialists. The need for highly-trained nursing specialists is growing rapidly throughout the country, and pursuing a career in advanced nursing can help you boost your job outlook and take your earning potential to the next level.

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Becoming a clinical nurse specialist can be a great way to serve your community and use your skills where they are truly needed. Students and practitioners alike often bring health care to impoverished communities where health care is more of a dream than a reality. If your career goals involve advancing the field of nursing and improving care standards for patients, learn more about clinical nurse specialist programs in Kansas.

Becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Kansas

You may be able to become a clinical nurse specialist in as little as two years if you are willing to attend school full-time and work hard during your clinical hours. If you meet the admissions requirements of local CNS programs, you may be able to start your education as quickly as next semester.

You must have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and a registered nursing license that is valid in the state of Iowa. Most schools require you to have used this license to gain at least one year of full-time nursing experience. Depending on which specialty you plan on pursuing, specialized RN experience may be helpful.

In the early stages of your nursing education, you may complete core nursing courses. These are typically part of all advanced nursing curricula and build up your core skills. Courses in this category may include Epidemiology, Advanced Nursing Concepts and Theories, Research for Health Professionals, and Ethics for Health Professionals.

After successfully completing these courses, you may move on to advanced classes like Health Policy Issues, Health Care Financing, Role Socialization, Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology, Health Program Planning, and Outcomes Performance Management. Throughout your education, you may gain experience in several different clinical settings. This experience helps you prepare for graduation, after which you may be expected to work independently.

Once you begin your education, you can start looking into different types of financial aid. Financial aid can go a long way in making your education more affordable and accessible. Look into public and private scholarship sources. Marsha’s Angels Nursing Scholarship Fund is available to students all over Kansas. Numerous scholarships are funded by the Kansas State Board of Regents. Through the Hays Medical Center Foundation, you may be able to apply for advanced nursing scholarships.

Working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Kansas

To complete the process of becoming a clinical nurse specialist, you can apply for advanced practice standing through the Kansas State Board of Nursing. This involves providing proof of your existing registered nursing license, supplying your educational information, and passing a rigorous licensing exam. With your CNS license, you can expand your scope of practice.

Clinical nurse specialists throughout the country may enjoy a growing job market. Through 2022, CNN anticipates a 26% increase in CNS jobs throughout the United States. Their reports indicate an average salary of $86,500 per year.

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