Indiana Public Health Graduate Programs

The field of nursing is extremely diverse, there is no question about that. While working as a registered nurse, you have likely been involved in patient education, patient treatment, family communication, and administration. Being able to multitask and prioritize makes you a valuable asset to the nursing community of Indiana. If you want to have an even more powerful impact on the health of your patients, you may want to go into the field of public health nursing.

Public health nurses are some of the greatest tools that statewide and countywide health departments have in Indiana. In one public health outreach, nursing students worked with middle school students to help them develop lifelong healthy habits.

Make your mark on the world of public health by contacting public health nursing graduate programs in Indiana.

Master’s Degree Programs in Public Health Nursing in Indiana

Public health is a fairly demanding field, so graduate programs in this area have extensive requirements for applicants. By planning ahead of time, you can ensure that you meet the admissions requirements for your school of choice. You must have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing with a graduating GPA of at least 3.0. On top of that, you need a registered nursing license that is valid in the state of Indiana. Each school sets its own experience requirements, although most schools require between one and five years of RN experience.

Once you are accepted to your school of choice, you may begin to look into different financial aid opportunities. In addition to federal and state government grants, you may consider applying for scholarships through private organizations. The Indiana Center for Nursing awards several scholarships to graduate students each year.

It is crucial to study the curriculum of your nursing program before you start your coursework. This can help you discover what you are expected to learn and what practical skills you must have to succeed. Courses that you may find in your curriculum include Applied Evidence-Based Practice, Foundations of Health Care Informatics, Nursing in the Community, Health Care Policy, Epidemiology, and Applied Biostatistics.

Throughout your education, you should get several types of clinical experience. From contributing to health care legislation to working in a community clinic, you must become comfortable with the various tasks that public health nurses take on.

The Role of Public Health Nurses in Indiana

Once you complete your public health nursing education, you may qualify for employment in a variety of settings. Many public health nurses choose to work for the government, at agencies like the Indiana State Department of Health. Your county or city may have their own public health department as well.

Overall, job growth in Indiana is on par with what is expected across the country. O*Net expects job openings for Indiana RNs to swell by 18% through 2022. The average salary for an Indiana nurse is $57,800 per year (O*Net, 2014). As is the case in many industries, furthering your education may have a positive effect on both of these statistics.

Studying public health can give you the opportunity to contribute to the field of health care in ways you never thought possible. Find out more about your options by checking out public health nursing programs in Indiana below.

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