Arkansas Research Nursing Graduate Programs

The health care industry relies on its nursing professionals, from CNAs to instructors and program directors, to ensure that patients receive high-quality care that is in line with statewide and federal standards. After working as a registered nurse, you likely have great respect for these standards. With your nursing experience, you may be ready to take on more responsibility in your career. Contact the schools with nursing research programs in Arkansas to learn more about your options.

The growing demand for high level nursing professionals indicates how important it is for registered nurses to further their education and dedicate themselves to this field. The 40 Under 40 List in Arkansas recently commemorated two nursing professionals who contribute to leadership and research efforts in the state.

By learning how to properly and ethically conduct nursing research, you may be able to work with teams all around Arkansas to discover new findings in this field. It all begins with the education you get, so find out more about becoming a nurse researcher and then request information from research nursing programs in Arkansas.

Arkansas Graduate Degree Programs in Nursing Research

Throughout Arkansas, and a variety of universities and colleges, you can find graduate programs in clinical nursing research. These programs tend to take between two and seven years to complete, depending on whether you want to earn a Master’s degree or a PhD. A PhD can be significantly longer, due to the requirement for a dissertation. In a graduate program, on the other hand, you typically only need to earn between 30 and 45 credits.

Nursing research is an interdisciplinary field that combines techniques and information from many different fields to make you an excellent researcher. Throughout your program, you should learn about clinical research operations, regulatory aspects of clinical research, ethics in nursing research, and procedures used in medical research.

The classes that are required in your curriculum should explore all of these subjects and more. Some of the classes you may be required to pass include Fundamentals of Regulatory Affairs, IRB in Human Research, Responsible Conduct of Research, Clinical Research Operations, and Health Care Project Management.

Some type of clinical experience is often required in these programs. Almost all schools require you to complete a research rotation or practicum, but many also require you to get some teaching experience in an undergraduate nursing classroom.

The state government of Arkansas supports advanced nursing students through scholarships, grants, and loan forgiveness programs. The Arkansas State Board of Nursing offers several scholarships and loan repayment plans for those who work in Arkansas after graduation.

The Role of Clinical Nurse Researchers in Arkansas

Arkansas is a state where nursing research efforts are thriving. O*Net reports an anticipated 12% increase in clinical nurse research jobs between 2012 and 2022 in Arkansas. Completing a degree in this field may increase your earning potential. Per O*Net, the average salary for an Arkansas clinical nurse researcher is $94,000 per year.

You may use your research skills to contribute to many different studies and programs throughout Arkansas. This may involve working with a specific population or medical diagnosis. The nursing research department of Arkansas Children’s Hospital focuses on advances that may improve outcomes for pediatric patients.

Nursing research may give you the freedom to use your skills and knowledge in a very powerful way. If you are ready to find out more, look at Arkansas schools below and request further information.

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