Michigan RN to MSN Bridge Programs

Whether you live in the Lower Peninsula or the Upper Peninsula, becoming a nurse can help you make a big difference in Michigan health care. While you may serve the state's large cities as a nurse in the Lower Peninsula, you may care for people in some of Michigan's most remote communities in the Upper Peninsula. As Michigan moves to legislate care standards for advanced nurse practitioners, now may be an excellent time to attend an RN-to-MSN program in this state. With a Master’s degree in Nursing, you may be able to take on more advanced roles in practice, research, leadership, or education. Keep reading to learn more about this degree option, then contact the Michigan schools with RN to MSN bridge programs to get detailed information.

The courses you take as an RN-to-MSN student are meant to help you complete a set of learning outcomes laid out by your nursing program. You may be expected to develop a strong understanding of nursing research and be able to apply it to you practice in different ways. For those who go into advanced practice, you may need to prove your ability to communicate with patients in an efficient way and apply ethical practices to your work. Leadership skills may also be put to the test in an MSN program, since you may be expected to be a leader in your local nursing community after earning your graduate nursing degree.

To meet your school's learning outcomes, you must choose a learning path that leads to the career of your choice. Popular clinical choices include nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, and nurse anesthetist. Nursing leadership and administration may be good choices if you want to take on a management role within the health care setting. You may wish to become a nurse educator if you want to teach undergraduate students in the nursing field.

Your curriculum may include courses like Statistics for the Health Care Professional, Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice Nurses, and Role Development for the Advanced Practice Nurse. You may also take classes like Clinical Decision Making, Health Care Policy and Politics, and Curricular Design in Nursing Education.

Due to Michigan's nursing shortage, there are many grants and scholarships open to those who want to advance their careers in nursing. The Michigan Nursing Scholarship is offered by the Michigan state government through the Department of Student Aid. Through the Michigan Center for Nursing, you may apply for over one dozen scholarships. Another popular resource is the Michigan Nurses Foundation, which awards scholarships to students in good academic standing.

You may find that the job outlook in Michigan is fairly positive once you complete your Master's degree. With a Master's degree, you may be able to take on more responsibility, work more independently, and take on more specialized tasks within a health care setting. Since many nurses go into an RN-to-MSN program while working as nurses, your new degree may allow you to move up within your own organization as well.

Keep in mind that you must keep your RN license valid through the Michigan Board of Nursing at all times. In fact, depending on which specialty you choose, you may even need an advanced license. Professions that require additional licensure in Michigan include those of the nurse practitioner (APRN), nurse midwife (CNM), and nurse anesthetist (CRNA).

Nursing salaries in Michigan vary quite a bit between professions. Per O*Net, nursing instructors in this area earn an average of $70,600 per year. Nurse managers may earn slightly more, as they have an average annual salary of $83,600 (O*Net, 2013). The average salary for a Michigan nurse practitioner is $88,800 per year (O*Net, 2013). In nurse anesthesia, the average salary is $169,700 per year (O*Net, 2013).

Earning an MSN can take some time and work, but it may pay off in many ways. Not only can you positively impact your career path, you may have a great influence on the nursing community of Michigan as well. Contact the schools with RN-to-MSN bridge programs in Mighigan to learn more about your options.

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