Graduate Nursing Programs in Healthcare Policy in New Hampshire

In your nursing career, you have likely thought about many areas of healthcare that could be improved or updated. However, without any legislative background, it can be difficult to impact change in the healthcare industry of New Hampshire.

That is how a Master's degree ub health policy can help you take the next step in your career. With nursing experience and health policy experience, you have the unique blend of knowledge needed to change the future of healthcare.

Health policy creators are responsible for many successes in New Hampshire. In New Hampshire, a new health policy requires the state to track new cases of hepatitis C (Concord Monitor, 2015). This policy was created after looking at data suggesting that a heroin epidemic is typically followed by an epidemic of hepatitis C. With this type of policy, it may be easier to stop the outbreak in its early stages.

Whether you are interested in supporting nurses and their right to work, increasing funding to specific programs, or making healthcare more widely available to New Hampshire residents, it all starts with education.

Find out more about your options by contacting Master's in healthcare policy programs in New Hampshire.

Master’s Degree Programs in Healthcare Policy in New Hampshire

The world of healthcare policy is extremely complex, which is why a Master's degree is essential for working in this industry. Many schools require previous experience in the healthcare industry, which is where your nursing degree is extremely helpful. Several schools also have work experience requirements, so you may need to work as a nurse for a set amount of time before you can start your graduate degree.

Many policy programs in New Hampshire combine health policy, administration, management, and public health. Since policies are influenced by so many people, you must have a working knowledge of all of these areas to have a legislative voice.

While completing your required 40 credits, you may take classes like Public Healthcare Systems, Public Health Policy, Public Health Ethics, Health Information Systems and Technology, Evaluation in Public Health, Health Policy Analysis, and Health Law. In your curriculum, you may also find that you must complete a seminar, capstone project, or field study experience.

The learning competencies for your program should be in line with your required courses. For example, you may have to contribute to research in health policy, understand the various influences in healthcare policy, and understand the role of public health in the creation and funding of laws.

To continue advocating for nurses and working in a nursing home, keep your nursing license valid through the New Hampshire Board of Nursing. License renewal applications are due every two years by your birthday. During this time, you must also complete 30 hours of continuing education.

How Do Nurses Impact Healthcare Policy in New Hampshire?

Changing your career focus to healthcare policy may mean a significant change in your work environment and schedule. You may take up lobbying responsibilities for different groups, work with legislative groups, write and implement policies at healthcare institutions, and study the effects of different policies on public health. Throughout your career, you may explore these different goals and figure out which one best suits your interests.

The good news is that nurses have historically been highly regarded in legislative circles. The New Hampshire Nurses Association has worked to support bills that study death with dignity laws, increase the tobacco tax, and enforce advance directives in regard to life-sustaining machines.

As you build your reputation and become more involved in policy circles, you may work for different institutions throughout New Hampshire. One of the largest policy centers in the state is the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies.

Health policy is a major area of growth in the nursing industry. Find out how you can get involved by requesting information from graduate healthcare policy programs in New Hampshire.

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