Graduate Nursing Programs in Healthcare Policy in Maryland

Look back at the history of healthcare in Maryland and consider which factors and movements have created the most prominent changes in this field. While the role of care providers is hugely important in healthcare, healthcare policy creators have done a lot to improve patient outcomes and make the workplace safer for both nurses and patients.

It can be difficult to understand the effect of new policies, particularly if the policies that your facility adopts seem to be redundant or irrelevant. However, strong healthcare policies make liberal use of data and statistics to improve the field as a whole.

In Maryland, one simple policy change is believed to have saved the lives of infants all over the state. As a whole, the state implemented a hard ban on elective deliveries prior to 39 weeks of gestation (Biz Journals, 2015). This policy is in line with what is recommended by the March of Dimes. Through this policy, experts believe that they can reduce the risks of prematurity and early term deliveries.

If you know that there are many ways that the healthcare industry of Maryland could be improved, you may have the visionary thinking skills that are needed in health policy. Get more information by contacting graduate health policy programs in Maryland below.

Master’s Degree Programs in Healthcare Policy in Maryland

Generally, earning a Master's degree in healthcare policy is a significant undertaking. While graduate programs in other fields of study may involve the completion of about 30 credits, most healthcare policy programs in Maryland required around 42 credits. At most schools, this includes a capstone project and internship, both of which may involve a significant time commitment.

However, the hard work you put into a healthcare policy degree pays off. By the time you graduate, you should have an understanding of the administrative side of healthcare and the legislative process.

You may build your understanding and complete the necessary credits to become a nursing policy leader by taking courses similar to those listed here:

  • Foundations of Epidemiology
  • Foundations of Environmental Health
  • Healthcare Leadership and Communication
  • Public Health Practice and Management
  • Public Health Research Methods
  • Policy and Politics of Health
  • Health Law and Ethics
  • Health Economics and Analysis

Clearly, your nursing experience should be extremely helpful as you earn your Master's degree. However, you should also find that you are exposed to many subjects and ideas that are not covered in the nursing industry. By building your worldview in this way, you can develop the political and critical thinking skills needed to make your voice heard in legislation.

To keep working as part of the nursing community, you must keep your nursing license up-to-date through the Maryland Board of Nursing. This involves renewing your license every two years.

How Do Nurses Impact Healthcare Policy in Maryland?

Throughout your education, you may see many ways in which nurses have influence over health policy in Maryland. Generally speaking, nurses are very strong lobbyists. If you stay involved with the nursing community as a whole, you can work with them and stay informed on the issues that affect the profession.

The Maryland Nurses Association is heavily involved in the legislative process. Recent efforts include raising licensing standards for all healthcare personnel, developing nursing recruitment policies for the state of Maryland, and lobbying for the professional rights of nurses and patient safety.

You may also influence health policy by being active in other groups. The Maryland Health Quality and Cost Council brings together experienced professionals from different areas of healthcare to keep costs reasonable and analyze healthcare data.

Everyone who works in the healthcare industry has a role in the future of this field. Earning your Master's degree in nursing can help you reach your full potential.

Use our list of Master's in healthcare policy programs in Maryland below to start preparing for the next step in your career.

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