Graduate Nursing Programs in Healthcare Policy in Georgia

One of the big draws of the healthcare field is the way that it empowers people to use whatever skills they may have to improve the lives of people in their communities. You may love working as a registered nurse and getting to save lives everyday, but perhaps you are interested in using your critical thinking and analysis skills to explore another part of the nursing industry.

If you want to change healthcare on a grander scale, you may want to change healthcare policy and its implementation in Georgia.

There are plenty of institutions and agencies that trying to impact healthcare policy through a stronger understanding of research, evidence, and statewide needs. The Georgia Health Policy Center focuses specifically on the analysis of nursing research and utilizes it to drive legislative efforts.

With a Master's degree in healthcare policy, you may get the chance to work with various projects and health initiatives. The Georgia Health Policy Center is currently working with Trinity Health as part of a public health initiative to assess improvement in Georgia's obesity and smoking rates (Modern Healthcare, 2015).

As you work toward your graduate degree, you'll uncover more and more ways that you can use your education to strengthen the nursing industry.

Get in contact with instructors and industry leaders now by contacting Master's in healthcare policy programs in Georgia.

Master’s Degree Programs in Healthcare Policy in Georgia

Legislation is an extremely complicated part of the American government, so it should come as no surprise that you must complete an in-depth program of study to make useful contributions to the world of healthcare policy. You must be able to understand health systems, funding sources and financing concerns of health organizations, the legislative process, and the role of politics in health policy.

While completing your required 36+ credits for a Master's degree in health policy, you may enroll in courses like those listed below:

  • Public Health Finance
  • Healthcare Law
  • Health Informatics
  • Health Leadership and Strategic Planning
  • Health Policy and Management
  • Public Health Policy and Ethics

Since this field is very multifaceted and diverse, you may want to build a thorough understanding of what you are expected to learn by the time you graduate.

The following learning outcomes are often part of Georgia healthcare policy programs:

  • Use research to draw conclusions from different populations and studies
  • Understand legal and ethical principles for legislative purposes
  • Design studies
  • Properly use legislative language to create policies that support HCPs and patients
  • Prepare proposals for funding and support

You must also keep your RN license through the Georgia Board of Nursing. This requires you to renew your license by January 31 every other year. In addition, the Board of Nursing established a policy that will require applicants after January 2016 to complete 20 hours of continuing education per renewal cycle.

How Do Nurses Impact Healthcare Policy in Georgia?

Upon completing your Master's degree, you should have the skills and knowledge you need to tackle the problems of the healthcare industry through legislation. Creating effective laws and policies involves working with many different agencies and organizations, while still staying up-to-date on the world of nursing and the concerns of Georgia nurses.

Maintaining an active presence in nursing and healthcare associations allows you to stay in touch with healthcare providers and stay informed concerning their challenges and issues. Groups like the Georgia Healthcare Association are extremely involved in lobbying and legislation.

Public health is quite important in healthcare policy. Georgia currently ranks among the unhealthiest states in the country (MyAJC, 2015). Legislators hope to change this by looking at risk factors, causes behind unhealthy lifestyle choices, and how healthcare providers can help.

The future of the healthcare industry will be decided by the laws that are passed today. Find out how you can make your mark in this specialty by contacting graduate healthcare policy programs in Georgia.

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