Graduate Nursing Programs in Healthcare Policy in Colorado

The goals of the healthcare industry have changed over the years, but the overall aims are the same: allow staff to work to their fullest capacities, give patients evidence-based options, and keep costs low without sacrificing patient outcomes. Hitting this balance can be difficult, but it can be possible when you study healthcare policy at the graduate level in Colorado.

When you look at healthcare policy and legislation in Colorado, you can see the opportunities you have to truly impact how nurses work and help patients. Compared to other states, healthcare legislation in Colorado concentrates on issues that are largely considered unconventional, but are still extremely important to the improvement of public health (Becker’s Hospital Review, 2015). These issues include single-payer healthcare and reproductive health. Becker’s Hospital Review claims that Colorado is a state to watch in 2016.

If uncovering inefficient or non-evidence-based policies makes you want to change them and if you are ready to improve healthcare for both patients and care providers, studying healthcare policy can make use of your natural gifts.

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Master’s Degree Programs in Healthcare Policy in Colorado

There are many different ways to study health policy, depending on which school you decide to attend. For example, a Master's program in health systems, management, and policy may deepen your knowledge of organizational management, the development of health systems, and the creation of effective policies.

In a graduate nursing program focused on health policy, you may take these and other courses:
• Epidemiology
• Social & Behavioral Factors & Health
• Health Policy
• Healthcare Economics
• Principles in Healthcare Management
• Interpreting Health Policy and Management Research
• Cost Benefit/Effectiveness

Throughout the two or three years you spend earning a Master's degree, you may establish various competencies that are required of graduates.

While looking at Colorado schools, you may find that many include learning outcomes similar to those listed here:

  • Analyze effects of markets and politics on healthcare
  • Look at policies and laws in cost-benefit terms and cost-effectiveness
  • Develop strategies for effective organizational management
  • Understand key public health laws
  • Critique frameworks used in making of policies

To be an asset to a legislative team, you may need to maintain your nursing license and continue working as a nurse on a part-time basis. This involves renewing your license by September 30 every other year (Colorado Board of Nursing, 2015). Currently, Colorado does not have any continuing education requirements.

How Do Nurses Impact Healthcare Policy in Colorado?

Once you graduate with a Master's degree in healthcare policy, you may utilize your knowledge in many different ways. Public health policy in nursing is one of the main fields in this specialty, since improving public health can strengthen health outcomes amongst all populations.

The Department of Public Health and Environment concentrates on legislation regarding epidemiology, health facilities, preventative health, and the collection of health data.

Staying involved with various nursing groups in Colorado is an extremely efficient way of staying up-to-date on current issues, challenges, and priorities. The Public Health Nurses Association of Colorado notes that some of its biggest goals include improving the availability of breast and cervical cancer treatment, expanding Medicaid, and creating a premature birth commission to lower Colorado's premature birth rate.

From your time in the nursing industry, you may have your own causes and diagnoses that are extremely important to you. You may decide to dedicate your career to being a legislative voice for specific groups or causes, particularly if those causes are underrepresented in Colorado.

With a career in healthcare policy, you have the power to improve health outcomes, support healthcare workers, and strengthen the nursing industry year after year.

Get involved now and learn more at Master's programs in healthcare policy in Colorado.

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