New Mexico Nurse Practitioner Programs

There are many ways that you can use your nursing education to further your career and have a greater scope of practice in New Mexico. If you enjoy patient care and you want to spend more of your time taking care of patients independently, becoming a nurse practitioner may be the next logical step in your nursing career. Contact the New Mexico nursing schools that offer Nurse Practitioner programs to learn more about how you can earn your APRN degree.

This could be the right state for you if you want to work in rural health care. Local programs are beginning to focus on the importance of rural health care and how it differs from care provided in urban areas. As a nurse practitioner, you can help minimize the care shortage in rural parts of New Mexico. Expanding nurse practitioner programs in New Mexico aim to make the most of primary care roles in this job.

If you want to use technology in your nursing career, you may find what you’re looking for in a nurse practitioner career. The Albuquerque Journal reports on New Mexico programs that allow patients to get the help of a nurse practitioner via online messaging or video chat, minimizing health care costs and making use of advanced practice nurses.

Taking your education to the next level can help you leave your mark on New Mexico health care. Learn more about nurse practitioner programs in New Mexico by contacting schools today.

Nurse Practitioner Programs in New Mexico

A nurse practitioner program in New Mexico can help you get the knowledge and skills you need to treat children, adults, and senior citizens. You must prove yourself through a tough admissions process before you get the chance to work with patients. In addition to a bachelor’s degree in nursing with a GPA of at least 3.0, you should have one year or more of full-time nursing experience. Having professional references for your application may help you.

Some of the courses you must take are not based in clinical practice. Courses in this category include Nursing Research, Health Care Policy, Nursing Theory, and Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing. These courses help you get more out of your clinical courses by giving you advanced background in nursing theory. Core clinical courses include Advanced Health Assessment, Advanced Pathophysiology, and Advanced Pharmacology in Nursing. You may get clinical experience in many different settings, from hospitals and specialty clinics to community clinics. Most programs in New Mexico require at least 600 hours of clinical work.

There are many organizations that provide financial aid to graduate nursing students in New Mexico. The New Mexico Nurse Practitioner Council awards the Candelario Garcia Scholarship. The New Mexico Higher Education Department funds numerous scholarship programs. Loan repayment assistance is available to qualified individuals through the New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence.

Working as a Nurse Practitioner in New Mexico

As a prospective nurse practitioner, you should become familiar with the licensing standards laid out by the New Mexico Board of Nursing. They verify that you have a valid registered nursing license and then administer a nurse practitioner exam. Upon passing this exam and providing proof of your completed Master’s degree, you can get your Advanced Practice Registered Nurse license.

Thanks to the large rural population of New Mexico, the job outlook in this state is very exciting. A 26 percent increase in nurse practitioner jobs is expected from 2012 to 2022 (O*Net, 2012). The average salary for a New Mexico nurse practitioner is $94,200 per year, with reported salaries ranging up to $144,300 per year (O*Net, 2013).

Nursing is a growing field. Take advantage of this growth by contacting New Mexico nurse practitioner schools today and finding out what your educational options are.