Master's in Nursing Schools in West Virginia

West Virginia is a state known for its wide range of health care needs, due to its sizable rural population. With health care changing throughout the country, West Virginia is also working towards higher-quality care for its many residents. A Master's degree in nursing may equip you with the skills you need to play a major role in the health care industry. If you are ready to explore your options for earning your MSN, West Virginia offers several programs to choose from. Contact the schools below to receive detailed information on their offerings.

West Virginia Nursing Programs

The first step to choosing an MSN program in West Virginia is choosing which specialty you want to go in. Options in this state include nursing education, nurse practitioner, nursing leadership, and nursing administration.
Regardless of which path you choose, you may take courses like Lifespan Health Promotion, Advanced Pathophysiology, and Concepts of Advanced Nursing. The nurse practitioner track may require a variety of clinical courses, like Rural Family Practicum, Pediatric Assessment and Care, and Neonatal Health Promotion.

Nursing leadership is a specialty that may demand extensive nursing and business knowledge. To build the knowledge base you need, you may take courses like Program Planning & Evaluation, Health Care and Informatics, and Managing Health Care Resources.

Curriculum Planning and Design, Assessment and Grading for Nursing Education, and Teaching Practicum are just a few of the classes you may take as a nurse education student.

Scholarships may make up a large part of your school funding if you begin applying early. The West Virginia Center for Nursing has the MSN and Doctoral Scholarship Program, which is intended for students that plan on teaching in a nursing school. The CAMC Health System awards scholarships and work-study opportunities to graduate nursing students. You may also be eligible for a scholarship through the West Virginia Health Care Association.

Working With Your MSN in West Virginia

Thanks to long-term goals laid out by the West Virginia Nursing Action Coalition, nursing educators are in demand throughout the state. This organization, as well as health care providers around the state, hope to ensure that 80% of West Virginia nurses have Bachelor's degrees. Nurse educators are needed to teach at this higher level and help meet statewide goals. In general, the state hopes to increase the amount of graduating registered nurses; WorkForce West Virginia indicates that registered nurses are expected to be in great demand for years to come.

There are quite a few fields in which you can go into advanced nursing practice. The United States Health Resources and Services Administration notes that there are 124 primary care shortage areas in West Virginia. The scope of practice of nurse practitioners has slowly increased over the years, empowering NP graduates to offer primary care in many rural areas.

In addition, the West Virginia Women's Commission hopes to reach out to young women and inspire them to pursue nursing specialty and leadership roles in their community.

West Virginia, like most states, has many nursing career options for RNs who have their masters degree. These career options are diverse, and may include those of a nurse educator and a nurse administrator.

As a nurse educator you can teach nursing students in a college or you can work in a hospital setting by helping other nurses keep up with updates in the field of nursing. You have the potential to make around $53,900 per year as a nurse educator in West Virginia, based on the 2014 annual median salary data (O*Net, 2015). In addition, the need for nurse educators in this state is expected to grow by 35 percent between 2012 and 2022 (O*Net, 2015).

As a nurse administrator you will work with upper level management in hospitals or clinical settings. Nurse administrators can manage hospital floors or departments or work in positions like a CNO. As a nurse administrator in West Virginia you might potentially earn an annual salary of $76,400, based on the 2014 median annual salary for this career field (O*Net, 2015). There is a predicted growth rate of 23 percent for nurse administrator positions (O*Net, 2015).

If you would like to learn more about getting an MSN degree or about either of these careers, contact one of the schools listed on this page.

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Nursing Schools in West Virginia