Master's in Nursing Schools in Louisiana

Louisiana has one of the nation's largest rural populations, representing a group of people that have less access to health care than those living in urban or suburban areas. Nurse practitioners, administrators, and other graduate-level nurses can work at multiple levels of the health care system to ensure that Louisiana's population gets high-quality health care. Take some time to look over the MSN programs available in Louisiana to see how you can make a difference in your state.

Nursing Degrees in Louisiana

The critical thinking skills gleaned from your current nursing degree can go a long way in a Master's program. By the time you complete your required 35 to 55 credits, you'll be expected to have successfully attained a number of learning objectives. These objectives may include understanding nursing policy and research so you can influence the field from an administrative role, having the cooperative skills to work with other health care practitioners, and being able to apply nursing research to evidence-based care policies.

These goals start with your core nursing courses, which may include Foundations of Nursing Practice and Theory of Advanced Nursing. Each specialty has specific clinical requirements in addition to lecture courses. Nurse practitioner and nurse anesthetist clinical rotations take you into different care settings so that you can work with different populations. In a nurse educator program, you can teach lower-level nursing courses to undergraduate students for your clinical experience. As a nurse administrator student, you may act as a leader in local organizations to learn how to use your education.

One of the benefits of completing a degree that's in high demand is the availability of scholarships. Scholarships may be offered by your school, local health care organizations, or nursing associations. The Woman's Foundation of Louisiana awards scholarships at several local nursing schools. Nurse practitioner students can apply for the Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners Scholarship. The Academic Nursing Scholarship is awarded by the Louisiana Association of Student Nurses.

Working With Your MSN in Louisiana

The state of Louisiana offers several different rewarding career options for nurses who have their masters degree. The nurse practitioner route may be one of the most popular routes for graduate-level nurses in Louisiana. The American Association of Nurse Practitioners notes that Louisiana NPs have a slightly restricted scope of practice. However, this can still leave you free to carry out many health care duties independently. Furthermore, local advocacy groups like the Louisiana Action Coalition are working with lawmakers to give advanced practice nurses full freedom in their work. The Louisiana Future of Nursing Campaign for Action reports that nurse practitioners in Louisiana are an excellent resource for primary care.

If you would like to continue to work directly with patients, becoming a nurse practitioner may be a great route for you. Louisiana's Bureau of Primary Care & Rural Health identifies a range of Health Professional Shortage Areas and Medically Underserved Areas in Louisiana whose needs could be met by nurse practitioners of varying specialties.

If you enjoy computers and technology and have had first-hand nursing experience, a career as a nurse informatics specialist might be for you. As a nurse informatics specialist you can apply your knowledge of real-world nursing to creating digital ways to document and store healthcare information. In Louisiana, nurse informatics specialists have the potential to earn about $63,000, based on 2012 annual median income figures (O*net, 2015). This career field is experiencing tremendous growth and between 2012 and 2022, there is a predicted 47 percent increase in jobs (O*net, 2015).

If helping patients get the care that they need at home and after they are discharged is rewarding to you, a career as a nurse case manager might be for you. Nurse case managers collaborate with other members of the healthcare team, the community, families, and insurance companies to provide patients with what they need. As a nurse case manager in this state, you have the potential to earn an annual salary of $51,900, per 2014 annual median salary figures(O*net, 2015). Job openings in this field in Louisiana are predicted to grow by 19 percent between 2012 and 2022(O*net, 2015).

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