Master's in Nursing Schools in Indiana

Your current nursing career likely puts you in touch with hundreds of patients that rely on the high-quality care you provide. With a Master's degree in nursing, you can play an even more significant role in your organization's nursing team, expanding your knowledge and skill set to improve healthcare in Indiana.

The field of advanced practice nursing is growing all over the country, and nursing schools in Indiana are responding by offering several educational routes to advanced practice. The American Association of Nurse Practitioners indicates that Indiana NPs have slightly restricted practice rights, a trend that extends to nurse midwives and nurse anesthetists. However, with the help of a leading MD, theIndiana Action Coalition is attempting to expand practice rights for all types of advanced practice nurses.

The movement to expand practice right in Indiana is particularly important when you consider the many Health Professional Shortage Areas in Indiana, noted by the Indiana State Department of Health. With more freedom to work, advanced practice nurses could ensure that Indiana residents get the care they need. Earning your MSN in Indiana positions you as an advocate for the profession, and expands your voice as a nurse.

Nursing Programs in Indiana

MSN programs in Indiana tend to have fairly rigorous admissions processes, since you need to have the skills to become a leader in your field. Many programs let you transition from an Associate's in Nursing or a Bachelor's degree in another field via an RN to MSN or direct entry MSN program. Whichever level of education you have currently completed, your education and experience should reflect your dedication to enhancing your nursing education.
The early classes of your Master's degree can give you and your peers a solid basis in advanced nursing, giving you a foundation on which to build with future courses. These classes may include Nursing Theory, Nursing Research, and Data Analysis. If you go the route of nurse practitioner, you may take courses like Advanced Pathophyiology and Advanced Health Assessment. Nursing leadership courses include Nursing Administration Theories and Financial Management. If you go the route of nurse education, plan on taking taking courses like Nursing Curriculum Development and Assessment Techniques.

On top of grants, fellowships, and student loans, scholarships should make up a big part of your financial aid efforts. The Global Scholarship Alliance funds scholarships for students that want to stay in clinical practice. You can also apply for scholarships through the Indiana Center for Nursing, a local organization that funds over $1 million in scholarships every year. The Foundation of the National Student Nurses' Association awards several nursing scholarships as well.

Regardless of the route or specialty you choose, we applaud you for expanding your nursing education to meet the needs of your patients and peers. Compare the nursing programs in Indiana and then contact the schools you are interested in for program materials.

Working With Your MSN in Indiana

There are many exciting career options for nurses in the state of Indiana who have their MSN. Indiana's database of workforce data has some promising statistics for nursing professionals in the state. Two of these career options include nurse practitioner and nurse educator.

As a nurse practitioner you will work directly with patients. You can diagnose and treat conditions in a variety of settings, such as doctor’s offices, pediatric clinics, and urgent care centers. In Indiana, nurse practitioners have the potential to make an annual salary of $90,700, according to the 2014 median income in this state (O*net, 2015). The demand for nurse practitioners is expected to grow by 29 percent between the years 2012 and 2022 (O*net, 2015).

As a nurse educator you can work in a hospital setting helping other nurses to keep up their own training and education, or you can work in a college setting instructing student nurses. According to the 2014 median income data, as a nurse educator in Indiana you can potentially make an annual salary of $62,300 (O*net, 2015). Between 2012 and 2022, there is an expected 10 percent increase in job openings for nurses working as nurse educators (O*net, 2015). Nurse educators are expected to be in extremely high demand through at least 2018, with an overall growth rate of 16.49%. Registered nurses, including those in advanced specialties, can also expect solid job growth within this time frame.

If you are interested in earning your MSN or learning more about these nursing careers, contact one of the schools listed on this page.

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Nursing Schools in Indiana