Wyoming Certified Nurse Midwife Programs

Medical care is important at all points of a person's life, but it’s especially important when a woman is pregnant, laboring, or giving birth. Without proper prenatal care and observation, pregnancy and childbirth can quickly become dangerous conditions. This is a particularly significant concern in Wyoming, where women may live a fair distance from their closest care providers. If you’re ready to use your nursing education to improve the care received by pregnant women, you may be ready to become a nurse midwife in Wyoming.

Contact the schools offering certified nurse midwife (CNM) programs in Wyoming to learn more about your options for study.

Nurse midwives fill an important health care niche around the country. As highly trained nursing professionals, they use the same evidence-based care standards used by doctors and other licensed medical professionals. However, because of their scope of practice, they can help women navigate pregnancy and childbirth in a more natural manner. In many cases, CNMs go on to open their own birthing centers and see patients independently, transferring care to an OB/GYN when needed.

Find out more about midwifery programs in Wyoming now, and consider contacting out of state schools as well, in order to review all of your options for expanding your nursing education.

Becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife in Wyoming

As you evaluate different CNM programs in Wyoming, ensure that you’re ready to tackle the wide variety of learning goals presented by these programs. Not only must you be willing to learn about pregnancy, labor, and childbirth, you should be interested in other facets of women’s health care. This includes contraception, family planning, primary health care, menopause, and puberty.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing, at least one year of full-time nursing experience, and a strong passion for all aspects of women’s health care, then you can begin applying to CNM programs in Wyoming and surrounding states.

These programs often include about 40 credits of advanced nursing coursework. In the early stages of your training, you may take core nursing courses like Research for Evidence-Based Practice, Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Practice, Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice, and Advanced Nursing Assessment.

Nurse midwifery courses that you may be required to take include Antepartum Midwifery Care, Postpartum Midwifery Care, Labor & Childbirth, and Complications in Labor & Delivery. These courses involve a wide range of clinical experiences, totaling roughly 500 hours of clinical work.

One of the benefits of going into this field is the wide variety of scholarships that are available to nurse midwife students. The Wyoming Office of Rural Health awards financial aid to aspiring nurse midwife who commit to serving a rural area after graduation. An annual scholarship of $500 is available through the Wyoming Council of Advanced Practice Nurses. CNMs who want to work in a medically underserved area after graduation may apply to the NURSE Corps Scholarship Program.

Working as a Certified Nurse Midwife in Wyoming

Job growth is promising across the entire field of nursing, and that trend continues in the specialty of nurse midwifery. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net expects job openings for nurse midwives to swell by 29 percent. The average salary for a nurse midwife is $92,300 per year (O*Net, 2013).

Before you can start representing yourself as a nurse midwife and seeing clients, you must get your national certification by passing an exam administered by the American Midwifery Certification Board. Completing this step allows you to apply for statewide licensure through the Wyoming State Board of Nursing. This turns your RN license into an APRN license and allows you to expand your scope of practice.

Ready to change the field of nursing with your education and passion? Reach out to certified nurse midwife programs in Wyoming now to get started.

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