Master's in Nursing Schools in Wyoming

While all states rely on a smooth-running health care system to administer timely, appropriate care to their residents, it's even more important in a state like Wyoming. Here, communities are spread out and remote, keeping many people away from the services they need. Nurse researchers, leaders, and practitioners can all have a positive impact on Wyoming's health care system. If you are ready to become a healthcare leader in your state, check out the graduate nursing programs on our site. Once you have found programs that interest you, request information from those nursing schools to get the details you need to make the best decision for your nursing education.

Earn Your MSN in Wyoming

In Wyoming, you can pursue a Master's degree education in several fields, including nurse leadership, family nurse practitioner, and nursing education. Some of these programs can be completed online, and most are designed to be completed on a part-time basis for working nurses.

Expected program outcomes include being able to practice advanced nursing skills with a focus on rural health, knowing how to take in knowledge from several reputable sources and use it to make clinical decisions, and developing leadership skills to work as a leader in rural communities.

To reach these goals, you may take classes in several different subjects. Core courses include Advanced Pathophysiology, Health Behavior Change, and Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing. If you go the nurse practitioner route, plan on taking classes like Wellness for Adults in Primary Care, Pharmacotherapy for Primary Care Providers, and Primary Care for Adolescents.

If you go into nursing leadership, you may be expected to complete courses like Health and Health Care in Rural Cultures, Rural Nursing Leadership, and Application of Theory in Nursing.
You may want to take advantage of scholarship and loan repayment programs as you begin your education. The NURSE Corps Scholarship funds scholarships for graduates that promise to work in a Critical Shortage Facility. The Wyoming Healthcare Professional Loan Repayment Program awards loan assistance to graduates who work in Wyoming after graduation.

Working With Your MSN in Wyoming

Wyoming is a beautiful place to live and the least populated state in the nation. However, its lack of residents can sometimes lead to a shortage in healthcare professionals. This makes Wyoming an ideal place for nurses who have obtained their MSN degree to live and work.

Because of progress made by groups like the Wyoming Action Coalition, nurses can enjoy a positive work environment in this state. Nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, clinical nurse specialists, and other advanced practice nurses can practice to the full extent of their education. In fact, the Wyoming Business Report notes that Wyoming is ranked seventh in the nation for nurses. This may be due to the low unemployment rate, the rapidly aging population, and nurses per capita.

All of these opportunities may lead to a growing need for nurse educators. As students start to realize the possibilities of a job in nursing, nursing programs are expected to grow. To keep up with the influx of students, nursing schools across the state may need to hire Master's-level nurse educators.

Wyoming may be a promising location for nurses in advanced practice. The Wyoming Department of Health reports that a number of places in Wyoming are considered Primary Care Shortage Areas. The Democrat and Chronicle notes that states like Wyoming are helping to solve the gap with nurse practitioners and physician's assistants.

There are several rewarding career options for RNs like you that require a MSN degree in Wyoming, such as a nurse educator and a family nurse practitioner. As a nurse educator, you are needed to teach in clinical settings, for continuing education courses, and even in hospitals. Nurse educators are an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to the future of nursing, so much so that there is an expected 35 percent increase in demand for nurses in this career field nationally and 38 percent in the state of Wyoming (O*net, 2015). In 2014, the median wages of a nurse educator were $66,100 (O*net, 2015).

Family nurse practitioners (NP), are in high demand for general healthcare in Wyoming. They provide general medical care for families and patients of all different ages. The national predicted growth rate for the NP career is 30 percent, while in Wyoming it is 34 percent (O*net, 2015). As a NP practicing in the state of Wyoming, according to 2014 pay rates, you could be earning a median annual wage of $85,900 (O*net, 2015).

To get started on the path to your MSN degree, contact the schools listed on this page for more information on their programs.

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