Hospice Nursing in West Virginia

Hospice/Palliative Care Nursing Graduate Programs in West Virginia

With a background in registered nursing and an in-depth knowledge of the field of hospice care, you may be ready to advance your education in this field and take on advanced care duties.

Hospice can be a difficult area to hire and retain medical professionals, due to the amount of travel that is required and due to the emotional strain this field can put on nurses. That makes it even more important for patients who need palliative care to have access to qualified professionals.

The hospice community of West Virginia protects patients and care providers through the Hospice Council of West Virginia, which ensures that hospice care providers maintain high standards of care.

Considering a switch to hospice and palliative care?
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Master’s Degree Programs in Hospice/Palliative Care Nursing in West Virginia

The first step toward advanced certification is selecting a graduate nursing program. Whether you decide to earn your degree online or in-person, you may earn up to 50 credits while earning a nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist degree.

After choosing a nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist degree, you must also select a specialized patient population. You may have options like pediatric care, geriatric care, women’s health, and mental health. Hospice certification is a secondary addition to your main area of certification.

Hospice RN Certification Coursework

• Introduction to Palliative and End-of-Life Care
• Current Issues in Hospice Care
• Clinical Practice in End-of-Life Care
• Fundamentals of Pediatric Palliative Care
• Practical Aspects of Hospice Care

As the demand for advanced practice nurses grows in many states, quite a few government agencies and organizations award financial aid to graduate nursing students. The Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation, a national association for hospice care providers, awards $2,000 scholarships to qualified Master’s degree students.

After graduating, you may apply for licensure via the West Virginia Board of Nursing. You get your license after passing the required examinations. From there, you must earn national certification via the

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