Graduate Nursing Programs in Healthcare Policy in Vermont

As the field of healthcare becomes increasingly complex, it is incredibly important for every state to have policy experts who can create and interpret health policies. Nurses make great policy experts, as you have an inside knowledge of both patients and healthcare, representing valuable viewpoints.

Healthcare is an essential part of residents’ quality of life, and ineffective healthcare policies may make it harder for people in Vermont to pay for or enjoy access to services. For example, the state government of Vermont has been working tirelessly to make the most of the Affordable Care Act. The newly developed Vermont Health Connect allows Vermont residents to compare insurance plans and find an option that suits their policy needs (Burlington Free Press, 2016). As this system is further enhanced, legislators may continue to fix issues in state policies and procedures.

As a registered nurse, you may be an excellent candidate for a health policy program that can take your career to the next level. Explore different options now by checking out Master’s in healthcare policy programs in Vermont.

Master’s Degree Programs in Healthcare Policy in Vermont

Graduate-level health policy programs are designed to adequately prepare you for the demands of working in healthcare policy. Before you apply to policy programs in your area, you should have a Bachelor's degree in nursing. Otherwise, a degree in another health-related field may suffice.

Healthcare policy programs tend to have work experience requirements, so you may need to work as a registered nurse for several years before you can continue your education. Be sure to check entrance requirements before you apply to an MSN program, to ensure you are prepared.

As you learn about health policy programs in Vermont, it may become clear why admissions requirements are so strict. Health policy is a multidisciplinary field of study that combines hands-on healthcare experience with legislative knowledge, advanced communication skills, medical research, and health sciences.

Before you begin your legislative career, you must be well-versed in many areas of nursing and healthcare. You should understand how policies affect different groups of people, what your responsibility is as a policy expert, the hurdles you may need to jump to pass laws and policies, and how to use your nursing experience to be a better advocate.

To effectively meet these challenges, you may earn more than 40 credits while taking nursing health policy courses like:

  • Public Health and Health Policy
  • Environmental Public Health
  • Biostatistics
  • Policy Organization
  • Financing of Healthcare
  • Epidemiology
  • Public Health Law and Ethics
  • Environmental Risks in Health
  • Tracking Disease and Health Behaviors
  • Health Finance

Your nursing experience is what sets you apart from other policy experts in healthcare, so it is important to stay involved in the nursing community and continue working as a registered nurse. Through the Vermont Board of Nursing, you must renew your nursing license by the last day of March in every odd-numbered year.

How Do Nurses Impact Healthcare Policy in Vermont?

Healthcare is an essential part of the social safety net in Vermont, so there are many government agencies, nonprofit groups, and corporations that are heavily invested in health policies and laws.

Getting involved with the Vermont State Nurses Association puts you in a position to contribute to their legislative efforts, which in recent months have included the regulation of dental practitioners, the prohibition of personal care products that use microbeads, and ensuring health insurance coverage for hearing aids.

Your work may not be limited to nursing associations and nursing-related bills. The Vermont Public Health Association is one of the most active voices in healthcare policy in this state.

The future of the healthcare industry will be decided by those who are willing to take their education to the next level and devote their careers to policy and law.

If you are ready to take that step, request information from graduate healthcare policy programs in Vermont below.

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