Vermont Clinical Nurse Specialist Degrees

No matter how long you’ve worked as a registered nurse, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that health care is changing in many extremely important ways. As more and more patients seek care in Vermont and try to get their health care needs met, you may see an increased need for advanced care providers. Since the doctor shortage is fairly severe in many parts of the country, many health care companies are turning to nurses to meet their staffing requirements.

To learn more about your options for becoming a CNS in Vermont, contact the schools you see below to request program details.

Grand Canyon University
Bachelor and Master of Science in Nursing, MS in Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner
Purdue University Global
Accelerated RN to MSN and Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
Liberty University
Master of Science in Nursing – Nurse Educator
Walden University
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

If you’ve used your experience as a registered nurse to become a more skilled health care expert, you may be ready to expand your scope of practice. As nurses take on a wide range of duties, you can explore new career opportunities. If you’re ready to take on new challenges in research and practice, learn more about clinical nurse specialist (CNS) programs in Vermont.

Becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Vermont

CNS programs in Vermont come in many different specialties and areas of study. You may want to use your nursing experience to find the medical problems or populations you are best at serving, then choose a clinical specialty that suits your areas of interest. The specialty you choose determines the course of your career, so it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

When you begin your education, you must gain advanced skills in statistics and research. This is much of what sets a CNS apart from an RN. You should enroll in courses like Statistics for Health Care Professionals, Research for Advanced Practice Nurses, and Applied Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Nursing. Other classes you may find in your degree program include Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice Nurses, Health Care Policy and Politics, Care for Individuals Across the Health Care Continuum, and Theoretical Foundations for the Advanced Practice Nurse.

Though theoretical education is essential in advanced nursing, it’s clinical experience that really tests your abilities and tells you whether you’ll sink or swim as a CNS. In each semester of your program, you should get some field experience. The majority of your hours should be spent with your target population, totaling over 500 hours of clinical work. This experience may also help you build professional connections and prepare for the post-graduation job search.

In the state of Vermont, you have the advantage of applying for many different scholarship and grants to help cover your educational costs. The Vermont Department of Health has many rural health and primary care programs that provide funding to nurses who want to stay in Vermont after graduation. You may also contact the Vermont State Nurses Association for more information on their scholarships. Through the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, you can apply for state-funded grants.

Working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Vermont

The American Nurses Credentialing Center certifies clinical nurse specialists in different areas, including adult health, home health, gerontology, and community health. After passing the appropriate exam for your specialty, you can apply for certification.

Certification prepares you to get your advanced practice license via the Vermont Board of Nursing. With your license and your certification, you can work to the full extent of your scope of practice.

Per CNN Money, clinical nurse specialists can enjoy a bright job outlook for several years to come. Through the year 2022, job openings in this specialty may increase by 26%. The average salary for a CNS is $86,500, so working in this field may boost your earning potential.

Are you ready to change the world of medicine? Take the first step today by reaching out to clinical nurse specialist programs in Vermont.