Master's in Nursing Schools in Utah

Have you been looking for a way to take your nursing career a step further? Perhaps you enjoy working with patients and you'd like to work with patients on a more personal basis, or maybe you are interested in teaching undergraduate nursing students all about the field. For many nursing careers, a Master's degree in nursing is required. Utah MSN programs offer many routes to earning your degree whether you have an Associate’s or a Bachelor’s degree already, even if it is in a non-nursing field. To get started, review the information on our site and contact those schools that interest you for program materials.

Nursing Programs in Utah

Upon completing your Master's degree, you will likely be expected to act as a leader in your community and your facility. To reach this goal, your school may help you achieve a list of learning objectives. Many schools aim to graduate students that can read and interpret nursing research, apply new findings to evidence-based care, communicate effectively with different types of health care providers, and meet the needs of different types of patients.

There are several programs in Utah that can be completed in as little as one full year. If you attend nursing school full-time, you may graduate in three to four years. In general, MSN programs require 35 to 55 credits. Clinical-based programs, such as nurse practitioner and nurse anesthesia, may require more credits than nursing leadership and nurse education programs.

You may want to begin searching for available scholarships as soon as you know you want to earn a Master's degree in nursing. The March of Dimes scholarships are popular choices for students that plan on going into nurse midwifery. If you are willing to work at a Critical Shortage Facility, consider the NURSE Corps Scholarship Program. The Utah Nurses Foundation awards scholarships to student members.

Nursing Careers in Utah

Recent legislative changes in Utah have made the state a more lucrative place for advanced practice nurses. Desert News has recently expanded Medicaid to cover family nurse practitioners and services offered by nurse practitioners that specialize in psychiatric health, women's health, and geriatric care. In addition, recent research out of Utah indicates that nurse practitioners can be an effective part of a Hepatitis C treatment team. This research can increase the scope of practice and demand for advanced practice nurses.

Nursing leadership is another thriving field in Utah, particularly since many hospitals may be looking for cost-effective ways to lead and manage nurses. The Spectrum notes that recent changes in nursing education have started preparing nurses to work as leaders in the field, to serve as models for other nurses, and to ensure patient safety in many different settings.

The state of Utah is known for its world class recreation and for being a family-friendly place. There are also many opportunities here for nurses who have their MSN degree, such as an acute care nurse practitioner or a pediatric nurse practitioner.

As an acute care nurse practitioner you are able to provide care for people who are suffering with a severe illness or injury. You might work in an emergency room or an urgent care clinic. Working as a pediatric nurse practitioner you might be employed in a pediatrician’s office or even in a pediatric emergency room. You are able to provide routine care to children, such as yearly exams, or urgent care, such as in the case with acute illnesses and injuries.

Nurse educators are a crucial part of any nursing school, and they play a particularly important role in states with severe nursing shortages. Deseret News reports that nursing is one of the top 50 best jobs in Utah. The hiring outlook is positive; however, nursing schools will likely need to hire more nurse educators to teach students at the Associate's degree and Bachelor's degree level.

Your potential earnings as an acute care nurse practitioner or a pediatric nurse practitioner, according to the median annual salary of 2014, are just under $92,000(O*net, 2015). In addition, the demand for acute care and pediatric nurse practitioners in Utah is expected to grow by 47 percent between 2012 and 2022 (O*net, 2015).

For more information on earning your MSN and beginning a career path as an acute care or pediatric nurse practitioner, contact the schools on this page.

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Nursing Schools in Utah
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