Forensic Nursing in Tennessee

Forensic Nursing Graduate Programs in Tennessee

Crime is an unfortunate part of life, from large cities too suburban areas and rural communities. With advances in forensic evidence and science, it is essential that each community have professionals who are trained specifically in the protection and analysis of evidence.

That is where forensic nurses come onto the scene.

Forensic nurses in Tennessee ensure that crime victims get the sensitive and empathetic care they need, while still collecting evidence in a way that keeps it safe for legal purposes. This is one of the fastest growing nursing specialties in Tennessee, with the state reporting a growing shortage of forensic nurses and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (WCYB, 2016).

There are several forensic nurse degrees in Tennessee that can help you explore your career options.
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Master’s Degree Programs in Forensic Nursing in Tennessee

To qualify for advanced forensic nurse training, you need a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. You must also have a current nursing license, as this permits you to take part in higher-level clinical experiences. Quite a few programs currently require some type of nursing experience; the average requirement is one year of full-time nursing.

When it is time to start your education, you may be able to take courses that explore the latest developments in forensic evidence and science. A forensic nursing degree may focus on the care needs of victims, the victimization of at-risk groups, physical assessment procedures, and nursing research.

Forensic Nursing Graduate Courses

• Forensic Nursing Science
• Advanced Forensic Nursing Seminar
• Sexual Violence
• Violence Against Elders and Children
• Pathophysiology and Physical Assessment
• Nursing Scholarship

There are other program options to evaluate. A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner training program may give you the specialized practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed to assist those who have gone through traumatic sexual assault. Legal nurse consulting is another option. This program requires an extensive understanding of Tennessee law and its application to different types of cases.

If you opt for a legal nurse consulting degree, your certification documents go through the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants. The Commission for Forensic Nursing Certification oversees certification of Advanced Forensic Nurses and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners.

The Role of Forensic Nurses in Tennessee

With your forensic nursing certification, you may qualify for job openings in different settings. Those who work as Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners often seek employment in specialized crisis centers, such as the SANE program of the Helen Ross McNabb Center, also known as the Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee.

Forensic nurses may work in most healthcare facilities, criminal justice agencies, and crime labs. As a legal nurse consultant, you may start up your own practice or become employed by a legal nurse consulting firm.The job outlook varies across Tennessee, but since this field is relatively new, demand tends to be fairly high.

At forensic nurse programs in Tennessee, you can discover how to apply your nursing experience to an in-demand career path.

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