Ohio Healthcare Policy Degrees

Gone are the days when nurses filled one role and completed the same set of tasks on a daily basis. With the recent growth in the healthcare industry, the role of nursing professionals has changed considerably during the last decade. Depending upon your particular skills and interests, you may change the future of your career by studying different areas of the nursing industry.

Healthcare policy is one such area. A nurse policymaker who is actively involved in clinical care can bring insight to the legislative process that others simply cannot offer. With an education in health policy, you may be able to help change and solve major problems in Ohio healthcare.

A 2015 report showed that Ohio is extremely underprepared for infectious disease outbreaks (Columbus Dispatch, 2015). Your knowledge of research and policy creation could propel these efforts forward.

Wondering if a career in health policy is right for you? Keep reading and find out more about Master’s in healthcare policy programs in Ohio, then contact the schools you’d like to learn more about.

Master’s Degree Programs in Healthcare Policy in Ohio

When you start looking at all of the different factors that influence health policy in Ohio, it becomes clear that postgraduate study is essential if you want to really make a difference in how healthcare is requested, provided, pay for, and studied.

The time you have spent in the nursing field should be extremely helpful, since you already have first-hand experience in how healthcare policies can directly impact residents and care providers. In fact, many healthcare policy programs require work experience in the healthcare sector—some programs require as much as five years of experience.

When you get into your education, your time should be split between classroom courses, research participation, and work experience. All in all, you can plan to earn about 40 credits. You may meet your credit requirements by taking courses like Healthcare Organization, Economic Analysis of Health Services, Health Services Organization Management, Healthcare Outcomes Management, Studies in the Health Sciences, and Design & Implementation of Health Surveys.

As you can see, healthcare policy programs cover policy as well as research and statistics. By the time you reach your final semester, you should have a thorough understanding of different factors that affect healthcare policy, the importance of quality of care, the role of patient safety, the financial viability of healthcare systems, and methods used to improve delivery of care.

Throughout your career, you must maintain your nursing license through the Ohio Board of Nursing. Renewal occurs in the month of August in every odd-numbered year.

How Do Nurses Impact Healthcare Policy in Ohio?

When you first begin working in healthcare policy, there's a lot to learn. You may begin working on bills and projects that are already underway or that have the support of experienced legislators. As you become more confident in this industry, you may get the freedom to work on causes and bills that are important to you.

As a nurse, you may have the authority to make important changes in this industry. The Ohio Nurses Association has been successful in advocating for legislation that benefits the healthcare industry. Examples of recent successes include the Toxic Substances Control Act, a bill granting the right to pronounce time of death to APRNs, increased funding of nursing research, individual licensure over institutional licensure, and the affordability of professional liability insurance.

You may also look at bills and causes supported by nonprofit organizations and government agencies. The Health Policy Institute of Ohio advocates for bills that are beneficial for nurses and patients alike.

If you are ready to take a step in your nursing career that can really strengthen the entire healthcare industry, health policy is the right Master's degree for you. Find out how you can impact health policy in Ohio by contacting Master's in healthcare policy programs in Ohio.

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