Master's in Nursing Programs in North Carolina

Your experience in the health care field may have given you an interest in leadership, direct patient care, or education. Whatever your future career goals may be, a Master's degree in nursing may be the key to achieving them. There are several ways to earn your MSN in North Carolina, and we have outlined them here on RNtoMSN.com. Select those graduate nursing programs that interest you, and compare the important characteristics of each. Once you’ve narrowed your search, you can get information from schools by submitting a request directly from our website.

Nursing Programs in North Carolina

An MSN program contains 35 to 50 credits that build on a Bachelor's degree in nursing. If you have an Associate's degree in nursing or a Bachelor's degree in a non-nursing field, you may need to take up to 30 additional credits to complete all degree requirements.

Your first semester in school may include courses like Theoretical Basis for Nursing Practice, Health Disparities and Nursing, and Research in Nursing. Nurse education programs often include courses like Curriculum Planning in Nursing and Instructional Technology in Nursing Education. A nursing administration degree may combine nursing courses with business courses. As a nurse practitioner student, you may take classes like Family Theory for Advanced Practice Nursing and Advanced Care of Adults.

You may be able to use local scholarships to lower your financial obligations during school. The North Carolina Foundation for Nursing awards a variety of scholarships to Master's degree students. You can also look into the Nurse Scholars Program, which is part of the College Foundation of North Carolina. The American Legion awards the Colon Furr Scholarship to nursing students.

Working With Your MSN in North Carolina

There are many support structures in place for Master's-level nurses in North Carolina. The North Carolina Action Coalition works to increase nurses' scope of practice, improve nursing education standards, and facilitate collaboration between different types of health care practitioners.

One goal of the North Carolina Action Coalition is to increase the amount of nurses that can take on leadership roles. A Master's degree in nurse leadership or administration may give you the unique blend of experience and leadership knowledge that you need to become a leader in your organization.

The North Carolina Foundation for Nursing uses their funds for the nurses of NC, and they offer several scholarships. North Carolina has several RN-MSN programs that are on campuses and online, allowing you to choose from a number of nursing careers.

The demand for nurse practitioners is also on the rise. North Carolina has many rural communities that lack physicians. As local groups push for greater practice rights for nurse practitioners, nurse practitioners in North Carolina may be able to serve rural communities. The North Carolina Office of Rural Health & Community Care offers loan repayment incentives and placement assistance to health care practitioners that are willing to work in rural areas.

One unique career is working in Health Care Systems as an Outcome Management. This position examines clinical outcomes, which might be in a hospital, for the Department of Health, in a surgical clinic or any number of health care facilities. The detailed information you would collect has a direct impact on the evolution and the restructuring of the US healthcare system. Annual income in North Carolina for this position is $92,810 (O*net,2014).

The Clinical Nurse Leader role is another popular career, which aims to improve the quality of healthcare overall, giving nurses the necessary tools to excel and improve patient care now and in the future as new technology is developed. As a CNL you may work in all types of healthcare facilities as a collaborative member of a healthcare team. CNLs in NC earned $66,640 annually (O*net, 2014), but this may not take into account some leadership roles.

If you want to advance your career, a graduate nursing degree may be the perfect answer for you. Contact the North Carolina schools listed below for more information.

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