New York Research Nursing Graduate Programs

With its array of educational institutions, clinics, and hospitals, it’s clear that New York is a state where health care thrives. As health providers in the state strive to provide care to the growing number of citizens in New York and do so affordably, it is more important than ever for the field of medicine to keep developing and becoming more efficient. As a nurse, you have the chance to become part of this growth.

Nurse researchers in New York contribute to nursing scholarship in several different ways. Depending on their areas of expertise, researchers may study patient outcomes, patient experience, collaboration in the workplace, staffing levels, nursing education, or any other area that is touched by this industry. Nurse researchers in New York recently developed a new learning method based on research that focused on nursing students.

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New York Graduate Degree Programs in Nursing Research

The educational experience you have as a nurse research student depends a lot on which type of degree you decide to earn. A Master’s degree includes about 30 to 40 credits, which generally takes two years of full-time study. A PhD may include closer to 90 credits, and with the required thesis, can take you up to seven years. Career options differ with each type of degree, so you may want to consider your options before making a decision.

The curriculum for your research program should explore every aspect of the clinical research process while educating you on advanced aspects of nursing care and how your research can impact the field as a whole. Some of the higher-level courses you may take include Advanced Community Nursing, Research in Nursing, Evidence-Based Care in Nursing, Ethical Issues in Nursing Research, and Professional Scholarship in Nursing Practice. Each semester, you should contribute to research in a different way. This experience builds up until you are ready to guide and direct research.

As an aspiring academic in New York, you may qualify for different financial aid programs. Through the state government, you may apply for funding through the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation.

The Role of Clinical Nurse Researchers in New York

Finishing your training and becoming fully educated in the process of nursing research can make you a great fit at many different institutions. Throughout your education, you should develop your own research interests and areas of concentration. These interests may direct the course of your career and where you work. One of the biggest nursing research centers in the state of New York is the Center for Nursing Research, which delves into many unique areas of clinical study.

Furthering your education with a Master’s degree or PhD can pay off in a number of ways. It may lead to an increase in salary; the average income for a clinical nurse researcher in New York is $115,500 per year (O*Net, 2015). Job openings in this specialty may swell by 11% through 2022, a growth rate that is almost two times higher than the national average (O*Net, 2015).

Use your nursing knowledge to help this field reach new heights. Find out how by contacting nurse research graduate programs in New York.

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