New Jersey Clinical Nurse Specialist Programs

If you wish to become an advanced practice registered nurse in New Jersey, then earning your master's degree in a specialized nursing field can help you start a successful career as a clinical nurse specialist. As a clinical nurse specialist (CNS), you may directly work with patients in a specific sector of the medical industry, or you can choose to provide indirect care, working with staff and other nurses to improve patients' quality of care.

If this interests you, contact the New Jersey nursing schools that offer CNS programs from the list below to request more information.

As a CNS, you may apply for employment in a leadership role, advising other nursing staff or advocating policies. Specializing in clinical nursing may provide employment opportunities in a:

  • Population of patients, including women's health, geriatrics, or pediatrics
  • Specific setting, including critical care or the emergency room
  • Specific disease, including cancer and diabetes
  • Specific type of care, including rehabilitation or psychiatric
  • Specific health condition, including burns, stress, or pain

Because of the unique role clinical nurse specialists play in the delivery of high-quality nursing care, you need to be able to adapt to a variety of medical settings, providing expert council to care providers (AACN, 2004).

To better prepare for career advancement, you should contemplate earning a Master of Science in Nursing with an emphasis on clinical nursing. To make an informed decision, check out available clinical nurse programs near you.

Becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist in New Jersey

Once you have earned your Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you may enroll in tan MSN program, which requires a two-year commitment in online or on-campus courses. Clinical training provides hands-on experience in the medical field, preparing you for employment opportunities upon graduation. You may take courses in:

  • Ethics for nurse leaders
  • Advanced management principles and practice
  • Healthcare policy
  • Informatics

If you are planning on entering a research role as clinical nurse specialist in New Jersey, then you will need to earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, which takes about two to three years to finish. This degree not only provides career advancement opportunities but also proves you are an expert in your field of specialization. Doctoral degree programs may require you to complete coursework in healthcare policy and leadership. For more information on a specific clinical nurse specialist program, contact one of the schools listed on our site today.

If you need financial assistance to help cover your college costs, then you may be able to take advantage of a loan repayment program, such as the National Health Service Corps and the Nurse Corps loan repayment programs. You may also be eligible for a scholarship through the National Health Service Corps, Nurse Corps Scholarship program, or Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students.

Other loan options may include:

  • Primary care loans
  • Nursing student loans
  • Health profession student loans
Working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in New Jersey

Recent research shows that the registered nurse sector, which includes clinical nurse specialists, in New Jersey employs approximately 76,790 workers (BLS, 2014). Employment experts are predicting a faster-than-average growth trend for registered nurses, with employment opportunities potentially increasing 19 percent by 2022. This increase may provide an additional 14,590 nursing positions in New Jersey alone (BLS, 2012).

Recent research reports that as a clinical nurse specialist in New Jersey, you may make a median annual wage of $78,330. By obtaining you license and becoming certified in the state, you could earn upwards of $100, 670 annually (BLS, 2014). To earn you license as a clinical nurse specialist, you will need to sit for the Certified Nurse Specialist exam, which is offered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Once you have earned your license, you will need to renew the certificate every five years, submitting your renewal application up to a year before your certificate expires. Renewing your certificate proves that you are competent in current procedures related to your field.

To start your new career as a clinical nurse specialist, contact a school near you today.

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