Clinical Nurse Leader Degrees in Nevada

Nurses are at the center of medical care. Whether you ask doctors, administrators, or specialists, everyone involved in health care can tell you that nurses are responsible for the vast majority of patient interaction and care in most settings.

Given the role of nurses in health care, the nursing shortage in Nevada is of particular issue. Even when facilities are able to attract new nurses to fill their positions, those nurses then lack the leadership of experienced nurses. In fact, the shortage is so pressing in Nevada that many facilities have changed their recruiting practices entirely (Nevada Daily Mail, 2015).

It should come as no surprise that Nevada ranks low for the amount of nurses it has—but on the flip side, it ranks extremely well in opportunities for nurses (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2015). If you’ve been waiting for the right time to take the next step in your career, this may be what you’ve been looking for.

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How Can I Become a Clinical Nurse Leader in Nevada?

Finding the perfect nurse leadership program is the first step to finding your leadership persona and enhancing your clinical confidence and abilities. Programs in Nevada range from 33 to 39 credits, and the topics covered in different programs tend to be fairly similar.

By comparing curricula and learning outcomes across local and online programs, you can find one that suits your current experience and education while preparing you for your chosen career.

Courses that are commonly required in nurse leadership programs in Nevada include:

  • Health Care Policy and Social Justice
  • Evidence-Based Practice and Management of Clinical Outcomes
  • Leadership Development and Care Management
  • Care Management in a Health Care Microsystem
  • Health Informatics
  • Populations and Aggregate Health Issues

Leadership principles and techniques are obviously covered in some detail, but you can also see that you study public health, health technology, statistical analysis, and nursing research. Studying all of these topics prepares you for the multitude of tasks that come with nurse management jobs.

Program outcomes should play a fairly important role in your school choice. When schools lay out exactly what they expect of students, it is easier for you to choose a program that fits your learning style. Learning goals and competency areas in this specialty may cover the proper use of nursing research, the ability to work independently in clinical care, level of comfort in leadership situations, and understanding of the CNL scope of practice.

To advance your nursing education and career, you need to have a valid nursing license. The Nevada State Board of Nursing expects you to renew your license every other birthday. Each two-year period involves earning 30 continuing education units and paying a $100 renewal fee.
With your nursing license, you should be ready for the Clinical Nurse Leader certification process. After graduating, you have to earn a passing score on a comprehensive three-hour exam, which is administered by the AACN. You can then renew your license every five years.

What Does a Clinical Nurse Leader Do?

Learning more about the creation of the CNL role and what the AACN expects of Clinical Nurse Leaders may give you a fairly strong idea of what you can expect in your nurse leadership career. In general, be ready to take on many tasks and duties that are not entrusted to other registered nurses. This may include overseeing care coordination, integrating care across specialties, being accountable for care outcomes, and working toward improved care outcomes for different populations.

These responsibilities may involve evaluating and utilizing data, collecting and compiling data, implementing new procedures and standards as evidence becomes available, and improving the patient care experience in response to feedback.

Learning from other nurse leaders is a great way of making the most of your resources. Becoming a member of the Nevada Organization of Nurse Leaders allows you to learn about issues facing nurse leaders in your community, how this role is evolving from year-to-year, and how you can most efficiently meet the expectations of your institution.

As the health care industry adapts to the changes of the Affordable Care Act, care providers will be looking toward leaders to aid during the transition.

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