Master's in Nursing Schools in Nevada

As a registered nurse, you may wonder how you can take your expertise in patient care, health care skills, and collaboration to the next level. Nurses are at the core of health care organizations all over Nevada, and you can play an even bigger role in your place of employment after earning your Master's degree in nursing. Nursing schools in Nevada offer a variety of graduate programs to choose from, including bridge programs and online option. Contact the Nevada nursing schools that offer the programs you are interested in today to get started.

Earn Your Nursing Degree in Nevada

While each nursing school has its own learning outcomes and goals, you can generally expect to tackle the same skills in any MSN program. Nevada programs focus on improving nursing care for individuals and families, improving evidence-based practice across the state, and increasing the volume of available nursing research.

Each nursing track addresses these goals in a unique way. In a nurse practitioner or other direct care track, you advance the field of nursing by providing high-quality care on a daily basis. As a nurse educator, you improve the field of nursing by training entry-level nurses. Nurses that go into the field of nursing administration and leadership change nursing on an organizational level, affecting policies and practices.

To obtain these skills and the clinical skills you need to succeed as a Master's-level nurse, you should plan on spending about two to three years in school. If you have an Associate's degree or unrelated Bachelor's degree, you may need more time to earn your Master's degree.

Upon being accepted to your Master's degree program of choice, you can begin your financial aid search. There are a variety of nursing scholarships you can apply for, including those that are specifically for Nevada students. Northern Nevada Nurses of Achievement is a local group that awards eight nursing scholarships each year. If you are willing to serve in a Critical Shortage Facility, consider applying for the NURSE Corps Scholarship Program. Earning your Master’s degree in nursing has the potential to take you to new career heights, so be sure to request information today to start heading toward your nursing future!

Nursing Career Information in Nevada

If you want to continue working directly with patients, there are several direct care specialties you can go into. Popular career choices include nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist, nurse midwife, and clinical nurse specialist. There are many benefits to studying in Nevada; advanced practice nurses currently enjoy full freedom of practice. Nevada nursing regulations make it possible to open your own practice or work completely independently in the state.

This is particularly important in light of Nevada's primary care physician shortage. Many parts of Nevada are considered underserved by primary care practitioners. Since nurse practitioners can offer many of the same services as physicians, they may be key to solving state care shortages.

You may be interested in shaping the next generation of nurses; a Master's degree in nurse education can help you reach this goal. According to the State of Nevada, nursing is considered one of the top 10 hot jobs in Nevada. However, waitlists in nursing programs have decreased the amount of graduating nurses. When you become a nurse educator, you can help solve the nursing shortage.

In many cases, a Master's degree in nursing can increase your annual income. Nursing instructors and nurse practitioners earn average annual salaries of $79,300 and $92,700 per year, respectively (O*Net, 2012). The average annual salary for nurse anesthetists is $187,200 per year (O*Net, 2012).

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