Master's in Nursing Schools in Montana

Montana is well-known for its rural communities and sparse layout, which can make health care difficult to come by. This makes the role of Master's-level nurses in the state even more important. With a Master's degree, you can lead other health practitioners in a health care organization, take on an advanced practice role, or teach student nurses, thereby improving Montana nursing overall. If you are ready to earn your MSN, Montana is ready for more highly educated nurses. Select the programs that interest you and request more information to get started!

Montana MSN Programs

Typically, you can plan on completing an MSN in three to four years. You may be able to graduate in slightly less time if you attend school full-time. The degree options in Montana require you to take a set of core courses, including Advanced Health Assessment, Design of Healthcare Delivery Systems, and Evidence-Based Practice. If you go the clinical nurse leader route, you may take courses like Program Planning and Evaluating Outcomes, Finance and Budget, and Clinical Leadership. The nurse practitioner path requires you to complete courses like Advanced Pharmacology, Advanced Clinical Practice, and Advanced Health Assessment. Both degree options require a considerable amount of clinical work.

From private organizations to public companies and individuals, nursing scholarships in Montana come from a wide variety of sources. The Darcy Lynn Dengel Scholarship is available to Montana nursing students. You can also apply for the $1,000 Montana Health Care Association Scholarship. If you are willing to join the Montana Nurses Association, you can apply for their advanced practice scholarship of $1,000.

RN to MSN in Montana

If you enjoy patient interaction and want to use an advanced degree to work more closely with your patients, you can look into becoming an advanced practice nurse. Nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists, and clinical nurse specialists have full freedom of practice in Montana, which can permit you to work anywhere you choose.

Due to the remote nature of Montana, the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services reports that there are many areas that are underserved by primary care practitioners. With a nurse practitioner degree, you may be able to set up independent practice in a rural area.

Nurse educators are also an essential part of the nursing community in Montana. The Montana Coalition for Change notes the importance of increasing the amount of Bachelor's-level nurses. Nurse educators are going to be expected to educate the next generation of nurses.

With your advanced nursing degree in Montana, you may choose from a range of careers including a nurse anesthetist or a nurse midwife. With your online college, you may earn your Masters’ degree in nursing in less time than it would take going through a traditional college so you can begin your new and exciting career when you are ready.

As a nurse anesthetist you may be working in a surgical center or hospital where you may administer anesthesia and other drugs to patients during various types of surgical procedures. The nurse anesthetist is a career that is typically a good fit for the RN who has previous experience as a surgical nurse or in intensive care.

RN’s who have worked in the field of OB and gynecology are poised to become a nurse midwife by completing a MSN in Midwifery. As a nurse midwife, you will deliver babies that are the result of an uncomplicated pregnancy. Many new moms decide to go with a midwife so they have the option of a natural home or hospital birth.

Most Advanced Practice Nurses earned $96,460 in Montana, according to BLS, 2014. Your advanced degree may help you achieve the salary you want and the exciting advanced career that you have always dreamed of.

Check out RNtoMSN.com today to find the right programs for you. You no longer need to choose between living in Montana and pursuing your dream of an advanced nursing degree. You can do both, and improve the health of your state while expanding your own career options.

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