Master's in Nursing Schools in Minnesota

If you want to work in any one of a variety of nursing specialties, including midwifery, anesthesia, or nursing leadership, a Master's degree in nursing is absolutely necessary. This degree can not only help you further your career, it can make you a valuable asset to the health care team in your area. Minnesota nursing schools have many programs to choose from, so if you are ready to earn your Master’s in Nursing, MN is a great place to do it!

Recent nursing legislation in Minnesota expands the practice of advanced practice nurses, who already enjoy full freedom of practice throughout the state. Under this new law, clinical specialist nurses, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and nurse anesthetists will be able to open independent practices and serve rural areas in Minnesota.

New Minnesota legislation also increases the need for nursing policy specialists and nurse leaders. The Star Tribune notes that this new piece of legislation requires greater oversight of nurses and swifter action after wrongdoing, which makes having advanced knowledge of your rights and duties as a nurse paramount.

Nursing Programs in Minnesota

A Master's degree in nursing can typically be completed in two to three years, depending on whether you attend school part-time or full-time. If you plan on attending a bridge program, which builds on an Associate's degree in nursing or an unrelated Bachelor's degree, it may be closer to four or five years.

Each school's curriculum is different, but in general, you can plan on completing between 35 and 55 credit hours. Core courses include Nursing Science, Research Methodology, and Pharmacology & Pathophysiology. An advanced care path may include a variety of clinical and population-specific courses, while a nursing leadership path may include courses in nursing informatics, health policy and leadership, and advanced health assessment.
Consider applying for a range of scholarships to help with your educational costs. The Minnesota Nurses Association funds a variety of grants and scholarships, while the Minnesota Student Nurses Association helps students find local scholarships. The Minnesota Department of Health funds several nursing grants, so if you are ready to earn your MSN, Minnesota is ready to help make it happen.

Review the school and program listings on our site to learn more, then request information from schools to get the detailed information you need to make a wise decision about furthering your nursing education.

Working With Your MSN in Minnesota

Minnesota is a growing state, where many medical professionals live and work, including those with an MSN degree, such as nurse practitioners and nurse midwives. Once you earn your graduate nursing degree in MN, these are just two of the many options you may consider for working as an advanced practice nurse in the state.

If you want to use your Master's degree in nursing to improve patient satisfaction as well as patient safety, you are in the ideal location. The Minnesota Nurses Association reports that new research in Minnesota ties higher nurse staffing levels to greater patient safety and patient satisfaction. Whether you plan on overseeing other nurses, taking on an advanced role, or affecting policy, your role can be very important.

As a nurse practitioner, you can work in a variety of different healthcare settings, such as a hospital, urgent care clinic, emergency room, or pediatric office. Based on the 2014 median annual salary for nurse practitioners in Minnesota, in this career you could make approximately $102,300 per year (O*net, 2015). This is a promising career in Minnesota, as it is predicted that between 2012 and 2022 the demand for nurse practitioners will increase by 26 percent (O*net, 2015).

Working as a master's prepared nurse midwife in Minnesota gives you the opportunity to follow women throughout the course of their pregnancy and deliver their babies. As a nurse midwife in Minnesota, you might make around $97,400 per year, based on the 2014 median annual salary for nurse midwives in the state (O*net, 2015). Growth for this career field in Minnesota is expected to grow by 28 percent between 2012 and 2022 (O*net, 2015).

If you would like more information on these MSN programs or any other graduate nursing careers, contact one of the schools listed on this page for more information.

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Nursing Schools in Minnesota