Graduate Nursing Programs in Healthcare Policy in Louisiana

Policy dictates nearly everything that happens in the healthcare industry. From individual care decisions to procedural decisions that influence the care of entire groups of patients, policies and laws are created to protect the patients of Louisiana.

Have you ever questioned the reasoning behind a work policy or state law while working as a registered nurse? If you’re ready to pursue education at the Master’s degree level, you may be in a position to change policies to better serve the people of Louisiana.

A Master’s degree in healthcare policy may show you how to navigate the legislative process and consider the right factors when creating policy proposals. Consider the impact that well-written policy may have on your community. Louisiana was recently rated the unhealthiest state in the country (KFVS 12, 2015). This rating came about after Louisiana was rated in terms of obesity rate, healthcare availability, and efficiency of healthcare policies.

A Master’s degree in healthcare policy can put you on a new and exciting career path. Learn more about your options by contacting graduate healthcare policy programs in Louisiana.

Master’s Degree Programs in Healthcare Policy in Louisiana

A graduate degree prepares you for nursing policy work in many different ways. At this level of study, you can strengthen your critical thinking skills and learn how to think about nursing in new and innovative ways. Furthermore, this type of degree can give you practical experience in the legislative system and help you put your nursing experience to work.

To earn a Master’s degree in healthcare policy, plan on earning roughly 40 credits. Generally, a Master’s degree in healthcare policy takes a bit longer than graduate programs in other areas of nursing. However, when you graduate, you should be ready to take on challenging roles in various areas of legislature.

Each school has different learning goals that outline precisely what you should accomplish during your time as a graduate student. Many Louisiana schools focus on improvement in the areas of healthcare consultation, health systems management, policy leadership, cost-efficiency, and healthcare management.

To gain relevant classroom knowledge and practical experience in these topics, you may enroll in courses like Principles of Epidemiology, Foundations of Public Health, Biologic Bases of Health, Biostatistics, Healthcare Economics and Economic Evaluation of Healthcare Services, Financial Management and Accounting in Healthcare, and Health Policy & Law.

Typically, you’ll need to keep working as a registered nurse to maintain your healthcare background throughout your legislative career. Through the Louisiana State Board of Nursing, you can renew your license by December 31 of every odd-numbered year. The amount of continuing education you must complete is dependent on how many hours you work as a nurse. If you work full-time, you only need to earn five hours of continuing education each year.

How Do Nurses Impact Healthcare Policy in Louisiana?

There are numerous ways that nurses have successfully impacted the healthcare policies, laws, and procedures of Louisiana. The Louisiana State Nurses Association is an extremely influential group in nursing legislation. In recent months, they have contributed to laws focusing on nutrition assistance, the classification of medications on the medication schedule, licensing fees, mammography and ultrasound results, and the state’s prescription monitoring program.

There are quite a few organizations and institutions that focus solely on health policy. The Louisiana Public Health Institute aspires to improve statewide healthcare reform by partnering with care providers, insurance providers, and public health programs. The impact you have on health policy depends on how hard you are willing to work and what you feel passionately about in nursing.

By advancing your education and expanding your career options, you can strengthen the nursing industry as a whole. Take the first step now by requesting information from healthcare policy graduate programs in Louisiana.

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