Kentucky Certified Nurse Midwife Programs

There are many reasons that you may be interested in the field of nursing. From the opportunity to serve patients and change lives to the variety of specialties in which you can work as a nurse, the field of nursing can be very exciting. If you’re interested in serving in a specialty field, you may be ready to start moving toward a career in nurse midwifery.

Becoming a certified nurse midwife (CNM) can benefit you and your patients in many ways. Certified nurse midwives provide highly personalized care to women of differing medical needs. Whether it involves performing a pelvic exam and clearing a woman for another year of health checks or helping a new mother through the process of childbirth, this field allows you to make a difference every single day.

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Becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife in Kentucky

If you want to change the future of nursing by become a CNM, you have to start with the proper training. You should spend at least two years in a graduate program while earning 30 to 45 credits. The courses you take should cover advanced nursing clinical skills, theories of female health care, evidence on childbearing practices and procedures, and leadership skills in a health care setting.

As you move through your program, you can learn from those with many years of experience in midwifery and get lots of hands-on experience in clinical settings. In fact, you may look forward to spending more than 1,000 hours in hospitals and clinics.

Becoming familiar with the curriculum for your CNM program can serve you well as you start to tackle the learning goals and outcomes set out by your advisors. As a new student, you may take core classes that are required of all graduate nursing students. These classes include Advanced Health Assessment and Clinical Reasoning, Advanced Health Assessment, and Pathophysiologic Concepts.

From there, you can enroll in midwifery courses. These courses may include Women’s Health for Advanced Practice Nursing, Evolution of Midwifery in Nursing, Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology, and Antepartal Care for Nurse Midwifery. In these courses, you may observe and help with midwifery procedures, including pelvic exams, birth, and postpartum exams.

Financial aid may be a big part of your school choice, so it’s crucial to look into advanced nursing scholarships early and often. Kentucky residents may apply for aid through the Nursing Incentive Scholarship Fund. Several local employers have dedicated scholarship funds, including Norton Healthcare. The Kentucky Nurses Foundation offers a variety of scholarships to nursing students at different educational levels.

Working as a Certified Nurse Midwife in Kentucky

Before you can start bettering the health care provided to women and newborns, you have to meet the licensing and certification requirements of Kentucky. Upon completing your degree, you can apply to take your midwifery exam via the American Midwifery Certification Board. Once you have passed their rigorous certification procedure, you can apply for advanced practice standing with the Kentucky Board of Nursing. As long as you renew your license as needed, you can keep working as a certified nurse midwife.

As is the case with many nursing careers and specialties, the demand for nurse midwives is growing rapidly. By the year 2022, O*Net expects to see job openings increase by 29%. Per O*Net, the average salary for a Kentucky CNM is $89,300 per year.

Women deserve to receive high-quality health care that is tailored to their needs. You can start making that happen by reaching out to certified nurse midwife programs in Kentucky.

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